Is Freelancing a career?

What is Freelancing and how does it works?

Maybe you have being seeing the word “freelancing”, but you never pay close attention to what is freelancing about.

This is an opportunity for you, we will be guiding you on a large coast on “what is freelancing and how does it work being a freelancer”. The dictionary meaning of freelancing will only tell you less than 15% of what freelancing is all about. You might not know that it deals with having a prodigy trait, well that is the why you have to know now.

What is freelancing? This is a question you should ask yourself, it will benefit when you have the right answers, but worry less, you got them already with prodigy workers.

You have landed on the web page of one of those top skilled freelancers in the world, so we should be giving you thorough information about what freelancing is, we should be able to give you the upmost 100% genuine fact about the freelancers. I bet you, you will find this article worth sharing with your friends

What Is freelancing
What is Freelancing

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is another term used for working; it is the act of been self-employed. This is not about self-employed alone, unlike the normal self-employed thing, freelancing work with a very wide niche on its own, it could cover as many working ability as it could cover, provided that the freelancer is skillful.

Ok, maybe you are an electrical engineer who is self-employed. Your part is just to focus on the electrical aspect, but the moment you know what is freelancing, you start to discover that it goes beyond that name.

A freelancer can handle lot of occupation; so far he or she is well skillful on them.

Prodigy workers as a freelancer happen to manage numerous works on the web, the only thing about us is that we have chosen to be a webmaster, that is why you find us on the web and we are here to celebrate the success of your business with you using the our outstanding skills.

So we believe the question, “what is freelancing” has been briefly explain, you now have the tip of the information with you. Keep on reading to get the full details about what freelancing is all about; we made this article for you.

Who is a freelancer?

A freelancer is not just the person in the self- employed shoe, he is a skillful worker. He works from any angle of his choice since he has the prodigy trait in him, some say they work like a robot, we are disputing that now.

Freelancers are human being like you, yes! Their face looks so cute like yours.

They are legitimate workers who help people solve problem around any wide niche they find their self, they must be skillful, that is the reason I said they have this prodigy trait in them.

They are always passionate about helping the world no matter how little they get, I should rather remind you that not all freelancer has a great mind as such.

Who is a freelancer?
Who is a Freelancer?

These set of freelancer I just qualify decided to make their heart willingly, of course the prodigy workers are one of them.

 How does it works?

With our introduction to freelancing, there is this 0% doubt that assure us you have gotten something tangible about what freelancing is all about, now you know what is freelancing. So how does it work?

We are sure you are curious about knowing how the freelancing stuff works, that is the reason we have kept the introductory aspect very short and explanatory.

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So basically, the freelancing job is working on your own rather than working for the government.

You work to satisfy the taste of your loyal customers, they are everything you have gotten that is the reason you need to treat them well.

Using prodigy workers as an example, our customers say wonderful things about us, because we make sure we satisfy their needs, by giving them the best service no one can give them and also giving free service that can start and grow your business.

Few months ago we built some free websites for 2 of our active customers, so we never regret being in the freelancing world since we and our customers are in a mutual term.

You just have to be skillful enough to have that prodigy trait in you in other to satisfy your customers.

How does freelancing works for us?

It interest we work base on contracts, once we get a contract base on what we do; we deliver the work to them in replace of a token and an affordable amount.

Is freelancing a career?

I will answer the above question by saying “anything you are passionate and find happiness doing is a career on its own. Most freelancer take up a freelancing works to the anxiety of making money; well it should not be done that way.

A good freelancer should view his or her wok in an extra ordinarily superb way..

Is Freelancing a career?
Is freelancing a career?

Not just viewing it as a regular work, but beyond the power of regularity.

This secrete has made prodigy workers more of prodigy in the freelancing nation.

So we conclude by saying, freelancing might not be a career; it depends on how passionate you are towards it. So good the prodigy team as chosen it has a career just for the sake of satisfying our customers and changing the world.

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Do freelancers get paid?

It is interesting to say, a freelancer get paid, this is the possible way of getting their earning.

Though we know a freelancer do not work under a company or rely on salary, but a short or long time contract can be signed.

What do I mean by this?

This is the reason you have to do your customer well at first, you have done a great job for them and they feel it a good time to continue hiring you, cool your work has been profitable there. Some might even say they are not hiring you, they want to go on an agreement with you, maybe they are about to start affiliate marketing just like nnu or about to create a big internet forum like coolmagazine.

They will surely need a freelancer who will manage the website, the promotion and all other necessary things will be done by the freelancers.

Here we can now say freelancers are been paid, even apart from the casual hiring; they get profitable deals to manage.

What is Freelancing and how does it works? 1

Is freelancers work lucrative?

This is the reason you have to do it the right way; at first you might have a little challenge while promoting your freelancing career.

That is why I advise people to get a work before they start any business of their choice, you need to know that the title CEO is very good, but are you ready for the challenges, so you have to get some important things to know before starting up a business.

To avoid falling a victim of try and error, the above link to things you should know before starting up a business will help you a lot.

Back to the headword, is freelancing work lucrative? Yes it is lucrative if you know the right way to do it, if you have gotten any great skills. It will be of good you to contact prodigy workers; we are going to be taking our precious time to teach you on how to utilize those skills you have gotten.

How do I find a freelancer?

You should not conclude on how to find a freelancer, seems you are desperate. Most people love to know how to find a freelancer without seeking for the best quality of freelancers they should find.

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Maybe we should correct the question and say “how do I find a good freelancer”? Rather than finding just a freelancer.

Every tip of your business requires you hiring freelancers, you need a driver who can drive your business to the bus stop (peak), but how do you find a better freelancer who suit the manager of your business.

I must confess looking for a good freelancer to grow your business as always been frustrating; the problem is how you know a freelancer is an expert before even hiring him. You hire freelancer, but at the end of the day you got disappointed by the ineffective service rendered.

We will be giving you some hacks on the best way to find a good freelancer.

Apparently, the main reason most freelancer does an unsatisfied job for their customer is because they were never passionate enough to become a freelance; they are working because of money and not because of their customers. They want the money very fast, so they never take their time to do a very wonderful work.

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How to know a good freelancer.


Here are the guides to take in other to know a good freelancer and never fall a victim of disappointment again.

  • Make sure the freelancer is formal enough

When we talk about being formal, what came across your mind?

When we talk about formal, we discussing those things that make you feel he or she is real and not a scammer.

Ok, this man told you he is a freelancer; he can help you build a cool website.

What is Freelancing and how does it works? 2

You believed without any hesitation, you never asked him for his brand name, his website and other social media platform he uses for the identity of his freelancing business, all you did was to send the money for the website and gbam! You got scammed by the stranger who proves to be a freelancer; one interesting thing is that the amount he will charge you might be so low that he knows you can afford it.

Now all you need to know is to make sure you can trace them on their website and other vital information you can use to trace them, and make sure they are real. For example, if you go to the menu bar of this blog and click on explore.

It takes you to, on my website; you will see a whatsApp icon which you can reach prodigy workers to at any time, also a link to our official Facebook page and our mail.

So this makes it formal and nothing more, watch out for this on any freelancer profile before you burst into a deal with them.

  • Make sure the freelancer has a testimony

If the freelancer claims to be an expert, in one way or the other, he should have done series of good jobs for his or her customer.

This is one of the better tricks to know freelancers ability in the field. If truly his samples are outstanding works, the customers will be happy to drop a review on freelancing Facebook page or any other social media page he manage for the growth of his freelancing business.

Once you can sight and inspiring testimonies on the so called freelancer website or page, then this is a good time to put a trust in him on the first deal.

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Hire freelancer

There are series of places where you can hire freelancers; one of the best places is fiverr.

It has to do with freelancers creating an account with fiverr in other to get their work done in no time. Another one recognized platform to get freelancers is upwork, it is built in a way similar to fiverr.

Here freelancers create an account with them and they get jobs.

But there is a problem here, how do you know the real freelancers, what if some scammers created an account in other to scam through the freelancing community.

Well that is the reason we have the prodigy trait to help you, we can save the stress and disappointment of been scammed.

What is Freelancing and how does it works? 3

Prodigy workers can do it better for you, contact us to start and grow your business.


So far we talked about what is freelancing; we discuss how freelancing works in a way more detailed enough for you to understand.

Also “who is a freelancer”, we believed you have a clear picture of who a freelancer is.

Drop your review about a freelancer in the comment box to be convinced about your vivid knowledge about “what is freelancing and how it works”

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