How do I know if I am about to get scammed

Easiest Trick to know if I am about to get scammed

I will agree with you that it is unavoidable to come across scammers in any online business; this is one side effect of the internet, you can easily become a victim of online fraud if you are not careful.

You want to be careful; you don’t want to lose your hard savings to scammers online?

Then you should not skip this content, it will enlightened you on how to know if you are about to get scammed.

Preventing being scam is almost difficult, but it is possible if you know the measure to take in other to curb online fraud.

Hello friend, I am Benjamin, the founder of prodigy Workers.

In this article I will be sharing you how to know if you are about to get scammed, accomplished with frequently asked questions like;

Scamming examples, scamming website, how to prevent scam calls, measures you can take to curb online fraud and also what you can do if you eventually got scammed.

The way online transaction as gone so wide, not all of us can define scammers, you don’t need to worry about that, you are going to get everything in full details.

How to prevent scam calls

Few weeks ago, I was about to get scammed by someone who is offering me a SEO job, really crazy right?

This is the reason you have to be carefully to every extent you can, especially when it is business talk with a person online.

Let cut the whole story short, I will love to share with you how I was scammed several times in 2016 before showing you how I detected a scammer in my direct message some weeks ago.

I was a Bitcoin trader and also an investor, the journey started in 2016.

I bought and sold BTC just to make a living, I also invested with BTC mining companies, but unfortunately I got scammed because I followed the wrong procedure.

I was scammed huge figure several times, a sum of $2000 plus if I should calculate.

Few weeks ago before publishing this content, I was about to get scammed.

I will show you have I detected this person as a scammer, with a screenshot of our chat as prove.

I will make the story short; I know you dislike bulky content.

I was in a Facebook group where I posted extensive tips on how to grow SME business; a guy dropped something in my comment.

When i checked his comment, I saw a notice that he wanted to hire a SEO expert.

He also dropped his WhatsApp contact so that applicant can reach him easily.

So I have to contact him hoping to get the job, in few minutes time I enter his DM, sent a screenshot of the comment he dropped in my post on Facebook.

When he saw that screenshot I sent to him, he knew the reason I messaged him was to secure a job.

The screenshot shows everything in our chat, how he was trying to introduce me to another business, he asked me if I am interested in making money online.

scammer alert
scamming example

After that, he introduced me to a bitcoin trading platform; I was confused because I entered his privacy to seek for job, so he was not supposed to divert my attention fully to another thing.

I sensed it was a scam transaction, then I intentionally had to ask for a video call so we can discuss better and clarify his nationality using is contact.

Since then, he never replied, I wanted to know the truth, whether I am about to get scammed or not.

So an idea of using my second WhatsApp account flashed through my mind, this time in a different way of communication.

I had to chat with him as if I knew him already, check out the screenshot below.

scammer number

Finally, I confirmed he is a scammer.

This is one of the scamming examples which most people fall victim of, it is not going to be cool if you get scammed. You know right?

So here is what you need to whenever you are making online transaction, this will prevent you from ending up in the hand of scammers.

How to prevent scam calls?

Scam calls is very common, this is when you get a call from someone you do not know.

In most case, he or she will pretend to be calling from the bank you use; the scammer knows this is one of the easiest tricks to dupe you.

You don’t want scam calls, so how do you go about it?

You need to take preventive measures that will not allow scammers get hold of your number.

There are more than enough ways to prevent scam calls, the first step you need to take is to make sure your contact is confidential enough so it do not get to peoples reach anyhow.

How do you go by this?

Let take for instance, you saw a post on social media where the poster posted this;

“If you are using Union Bank of Africa (UBA), leave your number below  in the comment box to get $100 each”.

This is a trick that will get more than 70% of anyone using UBA who sees the post, I am not happy to tell you that you are one step to getting scam if you put your phone number in the comment box.

After seeing people comments, the poster will then message everyone who added his or her number privately.

Here, there are two things involve; It is either the poster ask for their account number and wait for some weeks before giving them the scam call, or he calls you immediately.

In most case, he will tell you he sent a pin to your number, and requesting you should send it back.

Immediately, you send the pin back to him, he get access to your account privacy, and you know what this means?

How to prevent scam calls


He can withdraw any amount he wish, now you have been scammed.

So to prevent this, you need to keep your contact so confidential, avoid sharing your contact publicly on all social media platform.

How do I know if I am about to get scammed?

If you have once done the mistake of sharing your contact on social media, you may be so curious, knowing there is a high tendency of you receiving a scam call soon.

If you can pay attention to this section, then you do not need to panic.

There is a remedy, you can know if you are about to get scammed if you take note of this:

  • Most times the scammer offer things at a very low rate for you.

I could remember during the time I traded my crypto currency coin, majority of those people who scammed sold the coins to me at a very cheaper rate, and if I want to buy, they sell at a lesser rate for me. This got me several times.

It does not only apply to crypto currencies alone, I have seen some customers who later came to meet me for website design.

They lamented on how there were been scammed by a website designer, hoping not to get scammed again.

Most times I get to know that this website designer accepted a very lesser amount, he or she knows they will pay since he is not charging them on standard note.

So I hope you take note of that key point, don’t be carried away by lesser charges, you may end up being scammed.

  • Most of them prefer to stay anonymous online

Not in all cases though, but you should not try to risk any transaction if the dealer claim to be anonymous.

Like he feel it is best to text you through mail only without having his or her contact, even when you have the person contact, try make a video call.

I am not saying a video call will prevent you from being scammed, but it can help.

  • You get to be feed with things that will entice you

At times, when you are dealing with an online scammer, you feel your money is so secure, until you finally fall for the scammer trap.

You should know that the scammer will tell you what you want to hear, something that will make you feel you are feeling all burden on them.

You have to take notice of this; it will prevent you from being scammed online, also saving your hard earnings.

define scammers

  • When the person does not tell you his or her years of experience with proves

This mostly happens when you are about to hire someone online, you may be making payment fist and this will be very risky, even when you are making half payment.

If you want to play it safe, then it is advisable you know the person you are hiring very well.

Ask for existing works and also years of experience.

Most times the scammer may intend to lie, but you can still get the best from your investigation.

If this person does not own a reputable brand online, whereby you can easily give a thumb down and track them when they scam you.

Then I will advise you to make a physical transaction with them.

You should not meet someone for the first time on any social media platform and trust him or her easily.

What to do if you have been scammed online

You might have been scammed online before, but you never had idea of what to do next, maybe as a serious of been unbalance.

If you have not been scammed before, then you have to be extra- careful, all this information are the basic techniques scammers uses, they work hard daily to bring new method to the table.

But I will try to update this content as time goes on in other to get the best from us.

You may get scammed and you need to take necessary steps, although these steps may not guarantee your money back.


What measures can you take to curb online frauds?

These are steps to take if you get scammed by reputable;

  1. Screenshot transaction evidence
  2. Note the name of the brand
  3. Report to lawful agencies in your country provided the brand is registered

With this, there is high probability of getting your money back.

These are steps to be taken if you are been scammed by individual;

  1. Take screenshot of transaction evidence
  2. Note the identity of that person; either you make transaction via mail, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and any other social media platform.

Just make sure the identity shows in the screenshot.

  1. You should now promote that screenshot on groups, just to make people aware he or she is a scammer

By doing this, you are preventing others from getting scammed.

What measures can you take to curb online frauds?

You have paid attention to this content?

Then you should have gotten more than two measures that will prevent you from getting scammed by a fraudster.

These are highlights on how to avoid been scammed;

  1. Make your contact confidential
  2. Avoiding social media transaction, preferably you deal with a reputable brand.
  3. Ask for past work and testimonies from customers, if he or she is an online workers
  4. Make sure you are not dealing with an anonymous
  5. Don’t get cajoled easily by sweet words
  6. Don’t be greedy when it comes to online agreement


Your turn

how to prevent been scammed

If you will be heeding to the instructions above, which one of them will you love to take into practice first?

I hope you gained something useful here, if you have ever been scammed online, I know how you felt about that because I was also a victim of fraud.

I didn’t know if I was about to get scammed, so the scammer trap was really appealing to me until I was eventually scammed.

If you read this, then make sure you follow all the instructions here to prevent you from being scam in the nearest future.

If you love this content, then make sure you share it to your friends; this will surely prevent them from being scam.

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