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You might have searched for a web designer in Nigeria and didn’t get one or maybe you did not see a professional website designer, I must tell you this will save you the whole stress of doing hide and seek with website designers in Nigeria territories like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and across all 36 states in Nigeria.

If you are so precise about getting a web designer in Lagos, then this article is for you. Not only website designers in Lagos though, this article is applicable if you need the best website designer in any part in Nigeria.

Now, it is easier and safer to run a business online since the aggressive damage of the Corona virus (covid-19) pandemic in 2019, which took life and also put more than 90% of offline businesses on a downward slope as regards growth in sales.

Even as brutal as covid-19 was to the business sector, some online ecommerce like the amazon drift into fortune…

This is as a result of congestion in online order and delivers of products, everyone played their life on a safer track, they ordered whatever they bought online instead of visiting supermarket or malls whereby the environment maybe prone to getting infected with corona virus.

In addition to amazon are Facebook, Instagram, and more reputable business owners, this fortune were known nationwide because they are the big men.

I am sure local business who has website also doubled their income, so imagine you had a website which your business leveraged on, even though you may not earn million as a small scale owner, at least I am sure you will be happy with the choice you took and also with the website designer who designed your website for you, regardless the fact that he or she was paid for his job.

As at that time of the pandemic, everyone knew the true values of a website for a business either small scale or large scale, no one will imagine the world been hit by another crisis hereby putting them in financial crisis.

I am sure you need a website designer wherever you stay in the world in other to make your business free from any environmental or health crisis. Let us compare two business owners in the next paragraph.

Imagine Mr. 101 rent a shop in a very civilized area (where shops are been rented for a very high amount). He managed his business fully offline, although he gets a huge sales per day as a result of effortless local marketing , Mr 101 sales grew every month by 10% even though he had no website designer nor manager.

The other instance is Mr 111 who rented his shop at a cheaper rate in a moderate place, he own a well-structured website which he gets 70% of his customers from people who contact him through his website.

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As time goes on, let say about a year Mr 101 could not pay his shop rent because the yearly fee was increased by 70%, whereas Mr 111 also lost his shop to fire outbreak, so they both had no shop.

This is where the website Mr 111 own comes to his aid, he can
easily give update on his website that he has now moved to another shop whenever he get one. Since he has 70% of his customers from the website designed for his business, then he has nothing much to lose.

On the other side, Mr 101 is in a big mess as he has no means to notify his customer on his new renovation, so he have no choice than to start again from zero customer.

In this case, I am sure you agree with me that a business website is one of the biggest assets a business possesses, if you don’t have a website for your business, it is certain you will lose customers when challenges arise.

Maybe I should cut the long story short and focus on the best website designer in Nigeria, one thing you must keep into notice while looking for a web designer in any part of the world is, getting a well designed, well optimized website for yourself.

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What do I mean by well designed website?

Have you ever access a website and you end up clicking the exit button almost immediately, this must have gone beyond a poor design only. Some website lack coloring techniques, good layout and other necessary features a good website must have.

While beautifying a website with color, a good web designer should know he do not have to overpower a website with unaligned colors; he should also have it in mind that there should be maximum number of colors he should implement on the web.

Someone who is getting a website should also note that if he or she is building an agro-base website, the owner of the website should be expecting more of color green on the interface of the website.

If the website designer does not include the greenish color, then there is something wrong!

web designers in nigeria

What do I mean by well optimized website?

It requires a lot before you can be a great website designer; this is what most website builders do not have idea of. I should say, less than 30% of web developers in Nigeria have the in-depth idea of optimizing a website on Google.

If you check out services rendered by prodigy workers, you will notice something called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the process where a website appears on Google first page, let assume you run a laundry business and you stay in Nigeria, you bought a domain name (the name your website bear online) named

In case you don’t know, even if someone type “Nigeria laundry hub” without adding a .com on Google, your website will not still appear on Google last page.

This is as a result of your new website not been optimize on Google, this is what most website developer do, they create what you want and leave you to the real work.

But if your website is already optimized, you don’t need to add .com as a suffix to your domain name before it shows on Google, a better website designer can go as far as optimizing a website to the extent that whenever you search on Google “how can I find a good laundry agent in my area?”, your website appears.

This is one of the kinds you should note before giving your money to a website builder, you need a well-designed, well-structured and optimize website?

I will love you read through this content to know the necessary things about building a good website from the best website designers in Nigeria.

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Best web designers in Nigeria

I often tell people, “The best person that I can recommend to you is me”

If I am capable of doing what you need, then why won’t I recommend myself?

I have everything a website need, although a lot of people have what it takes to design a business website, but standing as prodigy workers, we know the full package we are giving to you and its benefit.

Our service is not just an ordinary website, but a complete feature is what we are bringing to you. You get to have our full support and also free updated package.

Although you may be looking for the best website designer in Lagos or all other states in the country, we are glad to inform you that we are one of the best Nigerian freelancers and location is not a barrier, even if you stay in Europe.

You can easily chat us via WhatsApp icon available on the corner of this page, and we develop a website for your business.

There is no need to fill in message in a box, you don’t need to send us email since we have made available avenue to chat us up on WhatsApp for fast response.

Another reason you should build website with a better designers’ like us is this, if you are running a business in Nigeria, you need to know where your audience are, WhatsApp is a place camping most of your audience.

So instead of submitting mail message which most prospects in Nigeria may not like, a wise website developer, developing for the Nigerian audience will make it easier for easy direct messages.

Maybe you didn’t even notice, there is a WhatsApp icon at the button of this page, it has made it easier for fast message and instant response, when this icon is been clicked on.

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Web designers’ website

Some who says they get poor performance from someone who they hire for a website design, most of these people get to hire people who they know from Facebook or Instagram.

This is not to condemn Facebook deal, but the very best place to find a competent website designer is on Google.

You may see these right people on Facebook, but it is advisable you get convinced that he or she is truly a better website developer for the work you are offering him.

Example of things you should look out for in a so called website designer is whether he has an official page online.

Official pages like a website, an official Facebook page and so on.
Prodigy workers as a website designer have both ground offline and online, so we can recommend ourselves.

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Features of a well-designed website

If a website lack some of the features a well design website possess, you should be careful then.

There are features to check out in a well-designed website, these features goes beyond just the design, a name can be one of the features you should look after while planning to get yourself a website.

The first thing is the name, the name of the website has a very big implication on a website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), for instance you are building an agro-base business mainly in Nigeria.

If you are not aware of how a website name can be more concern to your business growth, you may want to give it a name like if your name is David, but it is very wrong to do that especially if you are not starting with a huge capital.

So what name do you think will work best for a website?

Imagine trying something like, it will be of your business benefit.

Also while designing a website, an agro-base website for instance; it is advisable to note that you need colors and images that will speak more of agriculture. I am sure you know that color like green is the best color for agriculture.

Some other things you should check out for on a well-designed website are the layout, the speed on the website (this is the time by which it takes the website to load, if it load slowly, you definitely going to lose prospect), and lot more.

 Web designer cost in Nigeria?

Wherever you are in the world, hiring a Nigerian website designer is cheaper because when talking about the currency conversion rate, you will prefer a Nigerian who will charge you $300 for a website to another citizen of a country who will charge you $700.

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Not that the Nigerian website designer does a bad job, but when he convert the $300 which seems to be a token amount to Nigeria currency, then the website designer feels it is ok for a charge.

So will you still hire a citizen who is not a Nigerian?

Most website designers will charge you at the price of N50,000 ($125) for a simple website, this amount is equivalent to $160 for a very professional website.

But it is way affordable if you are creating your simple and professional business website with prodigy workers, it is a simple website which has the entire feature that can take your business to the next level.

Instead of charging you N50,000 ($125), we are currently on a discount period. We make it so affordable that you can get a professional website for N29,900 ($75).

Although website structure varies, an ecommerce website will require more money, most website designers will charge you around N90,000-N130,000 ($240-$330) for an ecommerce website.

An ecommerce website is an online store where your customers can order your product by paying online; it is very easy to get sincere customers with an Ecommerce website.

Instead of being charged N90,000 ($240) for an ecommerce website, then hiring us will save you N30,000 ($76). For a professional Ecommerce, Prodigy workers will only charge you at the rate of N60,000 ($150).

And also, different type of website like banking website, forex trading website, investment website and lot more depending on the structure of what you want can be designed for you.

So if you are looking for a website designer in Nigeria, Prodigy workers is the best web designer to hire in Nigeria.

You can reach us through the WhatsApp on this page for fast response.

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