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Best Practical ways to Work smarter not harder in 2020

A lot of confuse minds, they do not know what smart work is all about; maybe they still don’t want to work smarter not harder.

Dozens of mistakes ahead of you if you don’t know the concept of both hard work and smart work, you hear them boosting on how they work smarter not harder, then your esteem becomes low, you also want to work smarter like them so you can make a possible yield in return.

You don’t need be low esteem while seeing people making strategies toward an effective work, all you need to do is to work smarter not harder. Welcome to prodigy workers, in this article we are going to be taking you through the 100% practical ways to work smarter not harder.

Work smarter not harder

In addition we will be giving you some reasons, like why you should work smarter not harder. You also want to picture how it looks like to work smarter. We will be taking you through that systematically.

I am sure, everyone reading this love sweet works; no one wants to work so hard all day and later earn a penny which won’t get you half way. You always want your work and output to be on ratio of 40 to 60, or even 30 to 70, but listen up dear friend: you will need information to guide you through how to work smarter not harder, this is not only an ordinary information readers, you need a well details gist on how to work smarter and not harder.


Lest we forget to remind you, working smart does not guarantee laziness. It is a mean by which your hard works can be more effective and yield a good output, we are not terminating hard works here, but has time goes on, your hour and days of you working hard will reduce drastically. So don’t let anyone deceive you with smart works without working hard.

Are you ready to uncover the information we have got for you?

But we must tell you, this information works like a dark magic, it will review your thinking to the world of possibility and will be making everything works well like you used a charm.

You can ignore those terrifying words I used above if you are scared of the dark, I can see your thought about me almost changed. Let be plain here, this article you are going to be reading through will make you see the benefit of a smarter work rather than working really hard all day.

What does it look like to work smarter not harder?

Best Practical ways to Work smarter not harder in 2020 1

It looks like everything is working for your good; just imagine you using a magnet to attract all good deeds in your business. Maybe you have not introduced smart works to your business, then you should try work smarter not harder, this has really helped a lot of business men.

After reading through this, I am pretty sure you will know how you feel like to work smarter and not harder.

You see those successful business owner whose business achievement still retain its level for the past few year, some even grow more bigger. One thing they took to practice is smart work; we know they really put a whole lot of hard work, but what if it doesn’t yield anything? Who cares how hard you have been working if a positive result does not come up, you really gonna be classified under the lazy type since you don’t have proven evidence to show how hard you have been working.

One secret most successful business man has put into practice is to work smarter and not harder, if they call it a secret, then you should accept because you never had the full concept behind working smart.

Why do you need to work smart?

Maybe you should be aware of the reason you should work smart first, this will help you value those that are really smart at working, it will make you reform the day and night works thats has been yielding you less or even nothing, it will help you rate the importance of this article.

Why you should work smarter not harder?

Smart works manage resources: Anything that has taken part In the growth of your business can be your resources, probably your time, money, effort and lot more of them. Introducing the techniques of working smart will help stop waste of your resources.

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Imagine you work 12 hours per day for a year, yet you are not getting it right. It sucks when you put all your effort, time, money and all other things you can put in order to get your business on its feet but you get frustration in return because all your resources proved to be useless.

Work smarter not harder

Smart work helps track your result: Unlike working hard without having a path you follow, a smart work will define the steps you have taken till you get your result, it very easy to track your result because you are not working randomly; your hard work has a master plan.

You can easily track how far your work has been effective if you start working smart.

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Smart work helps to strategies: Maybe I should tell you this, the difference between smart work and hard work is strategy. A hard work may not be Strategized, but a smart work is simply an hard work with strategy, you get it?

A lot of things got missing while working hard, they are really many, but “strategy” is one of the powerful things most people neglect while working hard. They never plan the strategy to move their business up, all they want is to follow the barbaric trending of working all day and never get a meaningful result.

Don’t get me wrong here, you also need hard work, but a spice of strategy makes it a smart work. Here you can now say you work smarter not harder.

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Smart work helps to handle more tasks effectively: You thinking on multitasking? The best thing to do is to work smarter not harder, what does multitasking have to do with a smart work? I am curious to answer that.
Picture yourself as a part time teacher of 2 schools; this will answer the question above. You got a job to teach a school on a part time contract, taking them on Mondays and Wednesdays only.

Few months later you got same contract for another school very far from the first school you are teaching. Then this is the illustrating the difference between hard work and smart work.

Hard work is when you fix your schedule for the new school on Monday and Wednesday, the same day for the first job you got, while smart work is fixing the days to a different one, making sure it does not affect your schedule for your first teaching job, here we can say you will be in position to work smarter not harder.

Imagine you wasting your transport fee just to teleport from one school to the other if your work falls on the same day, it going to be a waste of resources. You are wasting your effort and money; I believe this gives you one reason to work smarter not harder.

Smart work relieves stress: One important thing smart works will do for you is to reduce the stress you are doing as a worker, from the above we can see that smart work is a work with both magnitude and direction unlike the hard work which has only size alone.

In other to save the stress of working so hard without a direction, smart working is the best thing to do (I mean plan when I talk about direction), one of the thing you need to do is to work systematically, so you have to work smarter not harder.

Best Practical ways to Work smarter not harder in 2020 2
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How can I work smarter not harder?

Research: This is the first step to take if you want an effective work, you need a systematic research on what you are about to do. When you embark on a work without logical research is sure you will be thrown off balance.

When you start a project with a zeal to work hard, then you realized you have something to add or remove from your work when it already at a point whereby you have gone so far in it.

The problem is here, you have to amend or restart to get a better taste, then tell me one reason you will not work smarter not harder.

Plan your work: Another thing you should take into consideration is to plan well; it is practical in a real sense that a building is planned on a piece of paper before going into the construction.

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The planning enables you to place the structure on the right places, finding the better place for car parks, the relaxation center and all necessary things a home should have.

Imagine you don’t plan the structure of the house and you later found out that you have to amend the building again while the construction is taking place. It going to be a waste of time and other valuable resources, you want an effective work?

Then try to work smarter and not harder, maybe you should consider the above steps.

Work smarter not harder

How to plan a smart work

Jot down your plans and goal: Jot the plans you have for your goal, maybe your plan is to read, let presume you have a goal to read 108 books in a year. It has to be jot down first before you embark on reading. It one thing you should start doing first if you have not been doing.

Build up a strategy: let give a hint on that, using the 108 books you will be reading in just a year as a sample here. We are using that as a sample because it is practical enough for you, with this sample you can make it up to work smarter not harder.

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Then what is the simplest strategy to use while reading 108 books for a year? If I were you, the approach I will be using is by giving each day a task, here I am breaking the huge work into a simpler one, then we can rather say I have the tactics to work smarter not harder.

Ok, I will start with the week task to make everything go simpler; this will be 2 books weekly, so I have to read two books in a week in order to cover up with the time fix for the goal.

Best Practical ways to Work smarter not harder in 2020 3
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But this is still bulky; remember we will be doing it systematically. There is still a solution to reduce the bulky work; this is by reading a book for 3 days, so you are reading 2 books for 6 days and having a day rest.

You can go further by reading a certain amount of chapters each day depending on how bulking the books are, now you have break the huge strategy into a smaller one, it is easier to accomplish that way.

Work with time: Avoid skipping a day out of the planned time, it means a lot. You want to work smarter not harder then you should respect the time factor.

Time will never cease to work, so you should not stop working.

Try not to procrastinate: Procrastination is one of those factors that hinder progress and hereby reducing the time taken to reach your goal.

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Put in hard work: We never promise you no hard work, you are still going to be working hard, as discussed above, a smart work is just like working hard and backing it up with strategies.

It is a systematic way of working; it will pull up a positive result sooner.

Patience: A smart work also needs patience, you don’t need to be in a hurry since you know you have put in your best to work smarter not harder, you need to relax and see things fall into places for good.

You have really done a great work if you take these procedures into practice.
It worth anticipating result, but it cost you nothing to chill and see the way your achievement unfold the good news.

Best Practical ways to Work smarter not harder in 2020 4

Repetition: Repeat this step for all works you are embarking on; “work smarter not harder” is one of the best logic to use if you want your result to speak faster.


You deserve the best, which is the reason we took our time to explain what works better, you really need to work smarter not harder and see how effective your work may be.

Let remind you that a smart work does not give room for laziness; it only makes your hard work more effective. You need an effective work, it doesn’t bring about frustration, then you have all cause to work smarter not harder alone.

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