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Copywriting 001: Best way to multiply your sales by100% with copywriting

Copywriting is a better way to increase your sales x2, it is a highly demanded skill by business owners who want fast turn up in sales, if you market your business and eventually got low output, it is high time you seek for a copywriting skills or hire a professional copywriter.

But before you hire, I will be giving you everything you need to know about copywriting.

Including the importance of copywriting, why you should implement copywriting skill in your business, and where to find a professional copywriter provided you feel hiring an expert is the best thing to do.

The main importance of copywriting is to increase sales using compelling words, not only words; copywriting includes images, videos used for marketing a business.

Hence, it plays a powerful role in converting audience to patronize your goods and services.

I will be explaining the meaning of copywriting so that it won’t seem odd to you reading this article on copywriting 001.

What is copywriting?

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of creating a compelling content for a business; it is at the maximum goal of increasing sales.

Have you ever purchased sense in nonsense?

Maybe you saw an advert and you got so hocked up, not with what the product have to give you, but with their content. You feel deeply in love with their advert copy till you purchased.

This is when i say, you purchased sense in nonsense. Few weeks before I published this article, I was going through Facebook not until I saw a Facebook’s ads of a website hosting company, it was a video ads.

This advert really catches my attention that I felt I want to change my hosting company even though I just renewed the active ones, changing my hosting is not what I need at that moment, but I wanted to change my host because I saw the advert.

I eventually purchased it and later felt how serious I never needed it, I needed something g more important to use my money for. But the deed is done.

The hosting company has made sales with copywriting, I am sure I was not the only one that fell into the marketing trap.

The statement I made about “purchasing sense in nonsense”, I think is have to explain better so you won’t feel copywriting is a heck of nonsense.

Buying sense in nonsense does not necessarily mean “nonsense” per say, it is possible you do not need what you bought at that point in times, but a convincing ads text made it a camouflage that you will need it.

You eventually purchased the product or services and later checked your scale of preference only to find out there are more serious things you have to buy, what you just purchase right now can be purchased later as you may not necessarily need it right away.

Have you ever fall a victim?

If yes keep reading, if no you can stop reading this and go to bed, if not 100% I am sure 99.9% of people reading this article have fall a victim.

How do I know? Because copywriting is a master skills most business owners has been using to catch their audience.

You must have seen an advert like “buy a pizza and get a drink for free”.

In this case you may necessarily not need the pizza, but because you are thirsty you paid for it, then after consumption you feel you could have gotten a sachet of water just to prevent you from being thirsty the more.

The deed is done as I will always say, you have consumed the product and more money goes to the smart advertising company.

This is the power of copywriting and you need to use this for your business sales growth.

Everything you need is included in this article, so let drill deeper in knowledge.

Who is a copywriter?

A copywriter can be you, it all depends if you suit in the feature great copywriter has. They are just numerous of features and the more experience the better you get at copywriting.

A copywriter is mostly an advertising company that creates a captivating content to help businesses grow, a copywriter will help boost the sale of a product x2 or even more.

As we go further, I will be sharing simple ways to set up a copywriting text if you don’t have money to hire an expert for now, although we at prodigy workers are service providers.

We are professional copywriting company.

Importance of copywriting

A lot of goodies when your copywriting text converts, when I say convert I mean when your text brings about more purchase per advertisement.

The reason some company fail is because they have no adequate knowledge on copywriting, when you have all it takes as a professional copywriter, then you are at upper hand to suppress your competitor.

I can say I use the copywriting skills I have to drive huge sales on my Facebook advert text, estimate increase of X10 of the initial turn up.

In addition, copywriting makes your customer come back for more purchase, when they see every bit of copy written text and the services you have got for them; it makes them believe in you and your goods.

Copywriting also promote buyer to seller relationship, it is one thing to have good interaction with your seller.

A copy write up captures customer attention, in this case promoting a profitable relationship between you and your customers.

One reason why the Apple Company will attain more level of success is because every bit of their electronics has topnotch copywriting skills.

So you need to take advantage of the copywriting skills for your structured marketing.
The next paragraph comes with copywriting secrets; these are all what you need to boost your sales by a multiple of 2.

But I said, experience differs, you could also hire an experience copywriter if you feel you need to be sure of the output of what you are advertising.
Secret of copywriting

Secrets of copywriting.

To be a great copywriter, here are tips on how to go about with copywriting your business, most especially while advertising what you do.

This tips are secrets you should not play with, they work like magic in capturing your potential buyer interest, hereby framing them into a perpetual buyer.

You need to be a student of the market!

The very first thing you must come to realize is that becoming a student of the market place will do you better favor.

First thing first! You need to become a student of the market, not product. Not techniques. Not copywriting. Not how to buy space or whatever.

Of course all these are important and you must learn about them, but the first step is becoming a student of the market.

Carefully studying of the market will reveal what the market wants and also the affective strategy you can employ to provide solution to the needs of the market.

There are three steps to studying the market:

1. The first is to research the customers: You need to identify what your customer wants, what their problems are, the language they speak and their expectations.

This will provide a clear window into what your product should do for them.

A great copywriter, Robert Collier gave this advice when he said “study your reader. Find out what interest him. Then study your offer to see how it can be made to tie in what that interest”

2. The second step is to research the product:
Great copywriters don’t sell products that they know nothing about. When you know your product, it is easier to write with conviction and certainty.

If your writing lacks belief, people will suspect it, and the last thing you want is people raising their eyebrows over your product, offering or service.

3. The third is to research for competition:
It is  possible  that there are several other people selling what you are trying to sell or something similar to it, and at various pricing point.

It helps to find out what they are doing, what strategies they are developing to market their product. With the information, you can come up with a strategy that will make yours stand out.

Look for fault in the strategy of the competition, find out questions they are not answering and particular problems they are not solving.

Then position your product to answer those questions to solve those problems.

When you are armed with this information, you will be able to write sales letter that are compelling and moving.

Write in the language of your prospect!

In copywriting your sales letter, you need to understand the language of your customer and write in his or her language.

The customer is not an idiot, she is your wife. How does a man talk to his wife?

Does he use words to try to impress her? Of course not. His aim is never to impress her.

In fact, his goal is to communicate to her in as clear terms as possible, because, think of it, a misunderstanding of his point can cause troubles in the home.

That is what happens when you do not write your sales letter in the language that your prospect can understand.

You should never put your objective at impressing your prospect. No! Your goal is to communicate in clear terms as possible, so they can understand your points and can take clear actions as you spell them out.

Don’t imagine your prospect as a new chick you are trying to catch, see them as your wife already.

Write in as simple language as possible!

If you want to impress people, make things complicated. If you want to help them, keep it simple.

Your prospect are not as smart as you think, write in simple terms. It is always tempting to want to write with ambiguous words and expression to prove yourself to be the most creative writer in the world.

You don’t need that; the goal here is to influence the prospect to make a purchase.

People buy things when they understand what they are paying for, so don’t be a fool writing in big vocabularies. Let your customer read it simple to save a lot stress and customers.

Most times, your prospect gets only one chance to read your letter, and they are impatient. They just want to get the gist and make decision. No one has the time to whip out a dictionary to look up new words.

You are not given a lecture on grammar, you are asking for a purchase.

Your sales copy should be as simple as saying “Hello friend, you are going through this problem, this is what you can do to solve it. Try out this product and your problem will be solved”.

Isn’t that simple? Learn copywriting that way!

This is even more important in this age of social media, when people want to check their emails, make a post on Facebook, find out what is trending on twitter, upload a picture on instagram, play a little on snapchat , while still replying messages on Whatsapp.

They have so much stealing their attention; you need to write in a language that they can understand immediately.

Copywriting is like building a house, several parts makes the whole!

Sometimes you don’t know what to write. Other times, you just don’t know where to start from. It high you know that copy should rather be assembled. This is right.
There are several elements that comes together to make a good copywriting skill on a paper. There is headline, the sub-headline, the pain of problem, the solution (this is your offer) and lot more of these elements.

The point is to start out with a structure that gives you an overview of what you want to achieve with the copy.
When next you want to write a copy, first begin by identifying these separate parts, analyze them and write them out.

Make your copy interesting, not entertaining!

Which will you prefer, that your prospect reads your copy and goes “oh wow. This was a very entertaining piece I laughed my heart out; I should send this to James so he can laugh too”

This piece just got me disarmed; I need to buy this immediately

You should keep this question in mind when you write. You are not an entertainer; you are a salesman in print.
You are out to sell, you have to be engaging. Make your letter flow with life, make it interesting. 

Show the prospect that you are deeply interested in their situation.

People are emotional, write to their feeling! 

Love, hate, anger, greed, doubt, fear, envy, jealousy…name them.
Whenever your prospect reads your copy, they feel one or more of those emotions, whether you intend for it or not.

You have to decide how you want your prospect to feel while reading and after reading your sales copy.
As a copywriter, you have the power to control the emotions of your readers for that moment that they are reading your business letter, and even after then.

As they read your copy, you are holding them back by the hand and call to mind different feelings in them. The reason it helps to decide what feelings you want to produce in them is that it helps you choose your words carefully.

That feeling helps them make the buying decision. Remember that people buy with emotion and only justifies it with logic.

Conclusion on copywriting 001

I believe all you need to know about copywriting are all enlisted in this article; I explained the secret of copywriting and the importance of copywriting.

With this, you agree copywriting is the best way to multiply your sales X2 at the amateur level, but everyone wants to be sure of what he or she is doing.

In other to get a business right at the first hit, then you have to hire a professional copywriter.

With prodigy workers you could multiply your sales by 5 if you ready to write your sales copy with us.

Why should you write your sales copy with us is as a result of we been an experience copywriter who gives the least affordable pricing to you.

For more information, do well to click the WhatsApp icon on this page.

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