Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience in Nigeria

10 Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience in Nigeria (that pay well)

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

In most cases, you don’t need to have 100% experience before you get an online job; there are lucrative online jobs with little or no working experience you will be checking out in this article.

Although some of these jobs need a pinch of experience, in other to get things right with someone who wants to hire you, the good news here is that you don’t even need up to 20% experience rating before you get lucrative jobs online.

I could remember when I started my content writing job, I was asked if I could write an impressive content. Deep down in me, I knew I have never written any content before, but I told the person in charge of the work I can deliver a great content.

I delivered the content and this made him hired me on a full time agreement (I was the one writing content for his blog), and working from home, for an education blog.

This change my mentality toward getting jobs, I never knew I could deliver that job perfectly although I had to take my time to write the content well- made research and also did intense proofreading.

This content is also going to guide you through how to deliver a job you have little or no experience on like a pro…

I will be sharing with you how I delivered a great job even though I had no experience in content writing, this will help you get things right on your first deal.

In addition, you are going to be getting useful hacked on how to get jobs online, I must confess, getting these lucrative online job when you had little or no working experience may be difficult, yet this hack will work for you.

List of profitable online jobs that requires little or no experience

List of profitable online jobs that requires little or no experience

Online influencing

Becoming an online influencer is not something you need to have intensive knowledge on before becoming one, you can do something unique online; by doing this you may build your awareness and also make you an influencer in no time.

Twitter is a better place to go viral but this will not yield you a lot in return (money), so how do you start becoming an influencer?

One of the easiest way to become an influencer is by networking on WhatsApp, I mean running a WhatsApp TV.

It is a gradual process to grow your network; this is going to be done moving from one place to another in other to get peoples contact, you also have to post often on your status, and giving out bonuses like money, airtime and lot more.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

But before you start making reasonable money online, you will need thousands of active viewers…

After getting thousands of active viewers, I am sure you are going to make money daily.

I have a friend who controls close to 75,000 active viewers, he charge #10,000 for posting sponsored adverts on his status.

Imagine you have that amount of viewers and getting at least two sponsored posts deal per day, this will earn you nothing less than #20,000 daily.

It is easy right? But you have to be ready to work at first; this is what people won’t tell you, getting thousands of loyal viewers is not easy, you have to be determined to hit your goal, going from places to places to get valuable contact.

After getting reasonable numbers of daily viewers on WhatsApp, you can now divert them to your Instagram or twitter page (you have to make your WhatsApp viewers follow you on your social media pages), diverting them will only be easy provided you have good relationship with them.

After making your WhatsApp viewers your Instagram and twitter followers, make sure you keep your pages updated with useful information and also what they will love to see.

When everything is in places- you have WhatsApp and Instagram authority, you are likely to get deals from company in other to promote their brand on your page, this is one easy way to lucrative make money without any experience.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience


This job can also be done offline, but let major on the online aspect.

If you can read, speak and write more than 2 languages, then you can make money online with the little experience you have- just to translate.

All you have to do is to seek for company or online brand that needs a translator; tell them how versatile you are when it comes to translating one language to the other.

As a translator, you can get opportunity to translate videos courses, document, audios and more.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

Jobs with little or no Experience

Proof reading

There are people we call proof readers, companies need them to ensure that their text are devoid of error.

You don’t need a bunch of experience in English language; you only need to understand the basic verb agreement rules.

Companies that involve in publish of bulky books; E-book will need proof readers to ensure they are selling out a content which is grammatically aligned.

No one will want to pick a book with vague sentence, companies know this and this is the reason for a proof reader.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

Content writing

Before I become a content writer, i got my first job with no without having any working experience; all I did was to do thorough research.

At first, It was really stressful making research on what you know nothing about, but trust me it will be helpful because i gained more knowledge and most importantly you are making more money.

Content writing is one of those well-paid online jobs that you can render with little experience; it is very lucrative especially when you have gotten an international deal. You can charge $15 per 1000 words if you are writing for blogs.

It is impossible you may not get work patterning to writing for blog; you can write scripts for film industry, you are going to earn much money from scripts writing.

Lucrative Online Jobs with no Experience

Online chat agent

If you enjoy chatting all day, even though you don’t mind if you are not going to be paid, why don’t you engage in a work that will pay you?

This is your daily routine- chatting with friends, so it going to be an interesting with you, it is obvious you won’t be asked for years of experience.

All you need to do is to reply to mails or live chat; companies need people who can render that service.

Whenever customers need support from a company, it is the duty of the online chat agent to reply to customers.

This is one of those money-spinning online jobs that need no experience; all you have to do is to give solution to customer’s problem.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one thing I do a lot, it is not necessary you have experience in this before you can make money from it.

In other to make money online, you have to promote products and get commission for each product been promoted by you.

You will be given a unique link, so the system can know a product was sold through your promotion.

Affiliate marketing is a means to make money online with no experience.

I made my first money online from affiliate marketing; this is to inform you that even if you are new to making money online, you can start with affiliate marketing.

There are several affiliate marketing website out there, you can easily reach out to one and sign up with them, a good example is amazon- you will be given a unique link for different products, you can paste it on several places like your instagram page, Facebook page and so on.

Once someone purchases the product with your link, you get a certain commission.

But it is not allows feasible to make money from it if you paste the link in places like Facebook and Instagram, that is why professional affiliate marketer use a blog.

Here you get traffic and get commission while you sleep, you can get a website similar to amazon,  starting with something like that will give you a better edge in affiliate marketing.

But what if you don’t have money to build a blog, then you should register with other affiliate website where you can refer and get paid, and also perform some simple task.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

Bank sales agent

This is one of those lucrative jobs any Nigerian can consider doing online, what is your work here?

As an online bank sales agent, your duty is to speak to prospect in other to recruit them to open account with the bank you are working with.

After trying your best and they registered, you get paid after each person you recruited deposited money in their account.

Some online banks like piggyvest does this, when you register with piggyvest you are going to get paid if you successfully recruit member to register with the bank online.

Piggyvest is a banking App where you can safe your money, you can also lock it so as to get disciplined yourself on how you spend your funds.

Once you refer someone, you get a commission; you don’t have to be experienced before you start the bank sales agent work.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

Data entry Job

This is going to require little training, although after the training, you don’t have to work with any company to gain experience.

Once you get a thorough training, be rest assure you can perfect any data entry job. This makes it more suitable for people who want to make money online without any experience.

To get certified, you can read about data entry work online or purchase the course on Udemy.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

Online tutor

If you are knowledgeable on skills like mini importation, you can enroll people online and get paid for teaching them how to import goods from abroad, sell and make profit.

You don’t have to be an experienced teacher before doing this, it also apply to any skill you are good at.

You don’t have to be a professional teacher before you render the service, just tell them what you know as an expert in the field and guide them through.

Lucrative Online Jobs with no Experience

online money opportunities in nigeria

Becoming a trusted escrow

Becoming an online escrow is just like acting as an intermediary during online deals, we all understand any online deal is prone to scams, you can easily get scammed if care is not taken; In this case, your job is to make sure the deal was successful without any scam.

This is how it goes… the cryptocurrency market is a good example, you can come in between a buyer and seller after agreement, you come in when it is payment time.

The buyer send you money for whatever he want to purchase (he also add escrow fee- this is the amount you charge as an intermediary), the seller send you what is selling (bitcoin).

When both party payments is confirmed, then you will send the buyer the bitcoin and the seller the money (after taking your charges fee).

You can open a Facebook or WhatsApp group for this. Very simple and you don’t need money for startup.

But you have to be careful; you must be trustworthy so you won’t spoil your reputation online.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

How to work on jobs you have little or no idea about (in other to deliver the best)

Getting jobs with little or no experience does not mean you have to render an unprofessional work, you have to make sure are delivering a worthy job, delivering a good job will get you review that will enable new prospect to trust you, especially if you are running a freelancing brand.

In other to provide good services, below are simple hacks on how to work on jobs you have little or no idea on;

  1. Make sure you have full description on whatever jobs you were given– This will help you get the necessary details from the person hiring you, in most cases, it is not always clear (he or she may thing you are experience d enough, and consider briefly you on what he or she needs), make sure you ask questions if you are not clear.
  2. Surf the internet– working as a content writer at times might be a little bit clumsy, even when you have been writing for years. It is possible you get a job that is out of your niche, for instance you write of digital marketing and you got a job on travel agent in India.

A normal Nigeria knows nothing about the travel agent in India, this is where surfing the internet proves to be unavoidable.

  1. Proof read- This is done when you have finally completed the work, now it is time to proof read what you have to deliver. Proof reading will make you deliver a worthy project.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

Where can I get lucrative online jobs

Where can I get lucrative online jobs?

This is where people find it frustrating, like getting the online job here is the main deal…

So where and how can you get lucrative online jobs?

Aside from Search Engine Optimization (i.e. using my websites traffic to get prospect), I use Facebook mostly, on the other hand you can make use of Instagram, LinkedIn.

These 3 media are perfect place where you can meet new people and get jobs, although there are other places like Upworks, freelancer, fiverr, but you have to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to be sure of making money online from them.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are place =s you can get job without any need to pay.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

How can I get lucrative online jobs?

So how do you go about getting these online jobs?

Most people use Facebook just for fun- it is a good place to have fun though, but since I realize there are Facebook users  who are in need of employees who can work online, I make sure I maximize the importance of Facebook by getting employed.

Same thing to LinkedIn and Instagram, but I prefer Facebook.

To get works on this social media, what you have to do is a simple job hunt technique-  what you have to do is to join important groups that relate to what service you are offering and ensure you interact.

You don’t really need experience before you do this, make sure you are absent in irrelevant groups that will take your time, your main objective here is to make money with the skills you have.

Lucrative Online Jobs with little or no Experience

Your turn

What is your take on this… which of these lucrative jobs will you love to get started with, why?

Let talk in the comment section…




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