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10+ Wonderful Importance of Website for a Business

The world is going 100% digital, this has come to a stage where everyone will not only need a website, but also know the importance of website for a business.

No matter how small the business seems to be, even though you are just starting a business, you will need to know more on benefits of a website for marketing your small business.

I am glad you are reading this, good news! You are going to be learning a lot on importance of a website for a small business, I am not only going to advise you in this article, I am also going to be guiding you on how to get it at the cheapest price.

Some say you need a lot of money to set up a business website, most freelancers will charge you a huge lot of money to create a business website in Nigeria for you; it also happens in any country you find yourself in.

Importance of Website for a business

But to your surprise, we are giving you free information on importance of a website for your business and how to get one for your business at the cheapest rate, even the less privilege can now afford a website for his or her business.

But first thing first, welcome to our blog, the easiest and fastest place to get your job done. We will be giving you in details, the major benefits of website for a business and how you can get one at an affordable price.

What is a website?

Let get it straight first, it will absolutely not make sense if a reader get confuse of what a website is, this is the reason we are starting with the basics.

A website is a space you book online to display whatever you, don’t get it twisted we are still coming back to explain the difference between a website and a blog.

Going on a professional level, a website comprises of web pages that shows common domain name, for instance pages like prodigyworkers.com/contact, prodigyworkers.com/Our-services and the likes all shows respect to a common domain which is prodigyworker.com.

Isn’t that simple as ABC? Throwing more light on this shortly.

But to a lame man understanding, a website is just like a room which you can access anywhere you are in the world, for a business, it display what exactly the business is all about, and you could contact the owner of the business to make payment anywhere in the world.

I just dropped one importance of having a website for a small business, but never mind friend, it is just a test to know if you have been following this article.

I hope you get this clearly, a website is like a room that has international free access, and successful business owner has been using it as a force to drive market sales as long as the website is user friendly.

Before we move into the importance of website for a business, let differentiate a website and a blog.

What is a website?

Difference between a Website and a Blog.

A lot of people get it wrong by rating a website and a blog on the same category, there are classification you should take note if you will be dealing with a website for your business growth.

A website is an official access page; a blog may be official also but not always in most cases.

You could get up with information you wish to share on the internet often, then you decided to build a casual blog where you share these information (maybe information on health).

In this sense, we can say you have a blog, to a lame man understanding, a blog is a web pages where you find information, published in there.

So in real sense, a website is more official compare to a blog, blog can be used for businesses also but a website is preferably.

Example of a blog is blog.prodigyworkers.com, while a website is prodigyworkers.com and the likes of forbes.

Feel free to contact me if you need more explanation on the text above, you can use the WhatsApp icon at the corner of this page.

So let move to the importance of a website for a business.

Benefit of a website for business

Benefit of a website for a business

Owning a website, I must confess there are lots of benefits to get from a website, even more than you can imagine.

Imagine you own a shop where you sell bags and clothing materials, 10000 comes to you monthly to make inquiry on the goods you sell.

You talk the hell out just to persuade your prospect to buy your goods, but fortunately enough, a reasonable amount of 30 customers for that month.

Making sense right? But we have good news; you could earn better customers if you know the relevant of website for a business.

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Let read faster. Lest I forget, there is an opportunity to own a website for your business just for N21,900 which is equivalent to $70, you can contact us with the whatsApp icon, this offer last for 10 days.

But this is by the way; we are going in details on the importance of having a website for a business.

A website makes marketing easier:

Having a website help reduce the stress of local marketing, (local marketing is the act of advertising physically to people mostly in verbal terms, I call it face to face marketing).

So instead of going from one place to another just to make people know about what you do, you could easily get a website to display whatever you do and make it accessible form any part of the world.

Almost everything is done online, as the world evolve more digital. Then it is a chance for you to utilize the digital marketing world by leveraging your business on it.

A website makes marketing cheaper:

You must be wondering why we are focusing more on marketing; of course the reason for setting up a business is to get profits. So how do you get the profit you want?

To get your profit, you obviously need to market your product. Now you never need to market it the wrong way if you find yourself here, to maximize your profit, then you need a website.

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Having a website for a small business will save expenses in this sense, imagine you rent a shop for $800 per year, with other charges like the commission bill, the electric bill and so on all sum up to $400 for the year.

This makes $1200 for the year charges on your business, whereas you can create a website for just $100 and market it with less than $70.

So, are you still renting a shop for your business or you are going to opt into owning a business website.

I am not saying having a shop is not a right thing to plan if you own a business, but you need to align your business more on the digital track by owning a business website.

It is cheaper tho!

A website helps convert visitors to customer:

This is one thing you want, you want as many customers as possible. A professional business website will make that possible for you.

A lot of pleasant features accomplished with a standard design will make your customers want to stare at your product till they fall in love with them and eventually getting one for themselves.

You don’t need to waste time explaining what your business is all about, a website will explain in full details and how they will reach you, instead of persuading them and few of them turn up to get your product and services.

A website makes your business official:

Yes! This is one thing you must know, there is one thing importantly needed for a business, which is branding and packaging.

Having a website is a better way to brand and package your business, no matter how small the business you set up is, if you have a website just gave it an outstanding packaging.

Ohh! Some say getting a website is very expensive, but as promised earlier in the introductory part of this article, I will be showing you how to build a website as cheap as N21900, this is around $70 there about.

This will save you the whole stress in funding a $200 website.

A website makes your customers come back for your good and services:

This is one trick successful business owner uses to glue their customers to them, you get their details and update audience about new goods or service you have for them.

They fill in their details and you get to know them better and how to contact them, this has always been working for me and will continue to work.

A website builds authority for your business online:

Have you tried to search, “small boutique in Nigeria?” I am sure you will see lot of them listed on the Google search page.

The website you see there are only website for small boutiques in Nigeria, it obvious everyone want to mind their pocket and spend less, so you get a to know more about cheaper boutique via a website.

Here, customers could be contact you if you have a small boutique you manage, same thing applies to all other business you own or trying to launch.

They search, they see what you offer and contact you to make more inquiry about the price, it is even easier now.

With a professional business website, your customers can make payment for the goods they are buying and wait for instant delivery.

This is one thing you need to know about the importance of website for a business and why you need a business website to grow your business to the peak.

A website makes your business identity unique:

In fact, it is almost impossible to have a unique business without a website, the way you feel people seeing an official logo on your website and sees the structure also.

Even while seeing the logo alone, they should be able to remember they saw this logo on an official website.

Using amazon as an example, the logo of the company is on the official website, so this brings out the uniqueness in the identity of amazon.

Even though you never heard of amazon before and you access their website later on, when you see the logo of the website somewhere else, you should be able to trace it back to amazon.com, where you first saw the logo.

A website promotes a better consumer relationship:

One reason you should use more of digital marketing while growing your business. Of course you will render a better service, then how will you get feedback from your customers?

How will you let other visitors see what customers have been saying about your brand?

This is where a business website will help you a lot; customers can drop feedback on your social media page which you definitely publish it on your website for visitors to see.

There are more to say about the importance of a website for your business, but I assure you these are the major ones everyone must know.

Shortly in the next paragraph, we will be learning about how to get your website. Not just a website, but a professional and affordable one.

How to get an affordable website

How to get an affordable website

A lot of website developer will scare you away with prices you cannot afford as a small or large business owner.

You could recall I made mention of getting a website for about N21900 equivalent to $70, no one will offer you this amount to build a website for you, but here prodigy workers are the first person to offer a professional website for you at this certain amount.

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Key features for website development.

I will create a business website for you with the features below:

1. Fast loading pages
2. Secured website
3. Well-designed website with good user interface
4. Number of pages to be decided by you!
5. Mobile friendly website
6. WhatsApp chat feature
copy written text and many more features you will want us to add for free.

You can contact us by using the WhatsApp chat icon at the corner of this page, but before you contact us, let highlight some bonus package you shall be expecting form us.

Bonus package from our website development.

There are more packages coming along with the website we build just for N21900, few of them are:
1. Promotion
2. Free social media pages with reasonable numbers of followers
3. Free 10 months update
4. WhatsApp marketing

Why you should build your website with prodigy workers

Business websites
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It has been long generating testimonies from our customers.

There is one thing to get the importance of website for a business; it is another thing to be convinced on how well you need a business website for your small business.

This another thing entirely to take advantage of the information you have gotten here by getting a website for your business as cheap as N21900, which is a promo going on an lasting for just a 10 days.

Contact us through the WhatsApp icon to book a slot now!

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