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Facts on 100% importance of a business logo for my business

Who else does not need a business logo? Maybe only if you don’t have a business you run, even if you do not have a business, you can still get the best out of this information even before owning a business, you will also get to know how a logo can increase your sales.

It is crazy uhm! Ordinary logo increasing sales! Let get to know more of effect of a business logo on your brand.

Out of several reasons that should influence you in getting a business logo, I think knowing the importance of a business logo in business should be your main driving force. In this article we will be going through 100% importance of having a logo for your business.

Having a better graphics design has lot of advantages to a business, either small scale or large scale. The way a business logo will prove 100% importance to a knowledgeable business, it may prove to have 0% relevance to another business owner.

The difference here is enlightenment, if you know the importance of a business logo in your business, then you tend to embrace a business logo fully, not even 99%.

Some will tell you a business logo is all what you need. That is true! But you also need a graphics design in whatever you do. This is the reason I will be classifying a logo for business as a sub division in graphics design.

So this article will be enlightening you on all what you need to know about the importance of getting a business logo for your small business, if you want to get an identified business, this is the only guide you need on setting a topnotch business logo for the survival of your business.

It is so unusual of us to beat around the bush, but we are going to be discussing some important aspect in a business logo and a graphics design in general. We will be looking at the major keywords in graphics design such as the business logo, flyer, poster, invitation card, presentation design, business card and lot more.

These are the major ones we will be discussing, their major difference and the important role they play in different aspect of graphic (although our emphasis will be on business logo, so you can have a clear picture of how important a business logo is to your small/large scale business).

what does a business logo mean?

What a business logo mean.

A business logo goes far beyond just images and text; it is the assembling of images, text embedded in colors that speak senses to the audience.

So designing an image is not just about designing something, you need to ask yourself some few questions like, does my business logo speaks out sense? Does it attract audience? Does it carry relevant information about my business?

If these questions are genuinely answered, then this will determine if your business logo is complete.

As discussed above, a business logo is a sub graphics design that complies with sense, although this type of design is always portable.

I will rather classify a business logo as the smallest graphics after favicon (favorite icon).
We have more to discuss about business logo, but I will be cutting the long article short. I am sure you don’t like bulky text, so I will be highlighting the major aspect here.

What are the benefits of a business logo to a business?

The benefit of having a logo for your business is underrated in most business, not because business owner don’t have it, the reason for underrating is ignorance of the worth of having a business logo.

Most business owners have a logo, although out of belonging and following what trends, they get one!

They don’t know the usefulness of the logo, most don’t know that a logo speaks more than 70% of what their business is all about, it is an identity.

Of course, identity that shows uniqueness in your brand, no one else uses the same logo with your business, so this is one of the only factors that differentiate your business from other competitors in the market place.

This is a better opportunity for you to take note on how a business logo can help your business, the importance are listed below;

1. A business logo serves as an identity: Identity in sense that it works as a flag to your brand.

Imagine you are the president of your own country, you were supposed to attend an international meeting but you disregard the idea of taking your country flag along with you, I guess you don’t want to imagine the mess you will get yourself into when you have to inform the presidential congregation that you are from USA, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, UK, or whatever country you are representing.

A flag could have save you the whole stress of reminding the congregation that you are representing Nigeria.
Same things apply to business; this is where the business logo finds its way to help. No one has the same logo as your business logo, so I am sure you are playing your cards right with your business logo.

2. Business logo carry information about your business: Information are very vital, a business logo carries more than 70% of what your business is all about.

Few months ago before assembling this article, a friend of mine was starting a business, so the first thing he I saw him doing was sketching a logo on a note book.

I could see grasses and rays of sunlight on what is sketched.
He never told me anything, I knew it was an agricultural business he is setting, but he made a mistake of using the white color instead of green.

What is my point here? Even though he was surprised I knew he is setting up an agro-firm, I don’t need a motivational speaker to tell me because the logo carries information of which I can deduce from his sketch.

3. A business logo makes customer choose their favorite brand: Imagine the cocacola, 7up, Pepsi brands (if they still exist by the time you are reading this article).

These brands are topnotch soft drink brand, let assumes none of them has a logo. I am sure we can easily displace one for the other, even though you prefer one brand to the other, you may eventually end up getting another product since you cannot differentiate them meanwhile we assume they all have no logo.

But with a logo, it is way easier to choose your favorite brand since you can identify them by using their respective logos.

4. Logo for business makes respective businesses more professional: it makes it more professional in every way, in a business meeting you have your logo to display.

Also your customer sees you logo and feels they can rely on your brand, people tend to respect a brand with logo compare to a business without logo.

In any business stage you find yourself, be it small scale or large scale, you need a logo to prove package your brand.

5. A business logo can market your brand: This is one of the easiest ways to market your product; your logo speaks everything about it. So it makes it easier for audience to fall in love with your brand.

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What are the characteristics of a good business logo?

This is one thing you need to watch out for when you are designing a business logo, either you are designing it yourself or hiring a freelancer to do the work for you.

Although I am sure after getting value in this content, you may have no reason to hire a logo designer.

So here are the 2 major characteristics of a good business logo, these are what make a logo look good.

1. It must be simple: Simple in what sense? A logo should be simple in the sense that it avoids irrelevant art in it. The text, the image all must be in a simple format, yet not too simple in other not to make sense and pass information.

In a short note, a logo must be simple and still pass information it ought to carry.

2. Decent coloration: As a good logo designer, it is important to make things work well with coloring; it is the spicy that makes a design real. But it is so disgusting to see a design with flashy colors that does not keep a business professional.

That is why I advise business logo makers to keep it professional by involving a maximum of 2-3 incline colors while designing a graphics.

how long does it takes to design a business logo

How long does it take to get my business logo?

It all depends on individual on how long it takes to get a logo designed, the way and time a professional will design a business logo is very different from how a beginner will take it.

If you are a beginner, I will advise you to take your time in designing a business logo. Designing works like inspiration, you tend to edit a lot of things as time goes on, so take your time until you are sure you set it right.

how can i get a business logo

How can I create my business logo?

There are 2 options to creating a business logo of your choice; the first is hiring a freelancer. You could hire a freelancer who will charge you an average price of #3000- #5000 which is equivalent to $10-$15 converting to the foreign currency.

Well we are running a one week promo, so it is cheaper with us, as we get you off 200%- 400% discount by charging you just #1000 for a business logo.

You can contact us by clicking the whatsApp icon at the bottom-corner of this web page to get your professional logo for your business or a business you are planning to set up.

The other way of creating a business logo is by learning from us, you can choose to learn from any platform but the best person we can recommend to you is ourselves. As we know what our package entails!

A graphics designer will charge you at an average price of #10,000-#15,000 which is around $32 for a personal mentorship on graphic, but we will comply to our one week promo by teaching you at a main time price of #7000 which equate to $15.

The most amazing thing about the mentorship is that is a money back guaranteed deal if you feel what we thought has not make impact in you after 24 hours, we also give you the necessary material you will be needing for free.

Also, you get a chance to be added to the prodigy workers freelancing team where we employ you as a graphic designer and pay you.

business logo ideas

Logo design ideas

As said earlier, design is an inspiration, as you design you tend to edit till you feel you get it right. Although there are some tips I will be giving you, I call them logo design ideas.

They are the major concept you should take note while designing a business logo, here are some logo design ideas:

1. Use a great resolution for the logo, resolution means quality. So to get a better and satisfactory view of your logo, you need to make the quality looks good by setting a good resolution for it.

2. Use a maximum number of 3 friendly colors, this is a note you should take. Using more flashy colors makes your business logo more irrelevant hereby not performing its functions.

3. For simplicity, use a smaller measurement for your logo height and width.

4. Draft out what you are expected to achieve on paper first before designing a logo on your device.

logo for brand

Vital conclusion on the importance of logo for business.

The above information discussed importance of having a logo for your business…

I guess I should include the major difference between a business logo and the other forms of graphics design like the flyer, poster, invitation card, presentation design, business card and lot more of graphics.

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Major difference between a business logo and other forms of graphics design (like flyers, banner, business card, invitation card and lot more).

Ordinarily comparing a business logo to other forms of graphics, there are some differences you will take notice of. These are:

1. Dimension: These graphics are of different dimension, a flyer unlike the logo has a wider dimension which serves its purpose.

2. A business logo can be added while designing other forms of graphics, for instance you can include a logo of your business at the edge of your flyer. This is impossible in the other way round (you cannot add a flyer to a logo).

3. A business logo can help in marketing your product, for instance you produce a T-shirt. It is advisable as a business man to add the logo of your business to your product, this helps market your manufactured goods as people buy and wear.

Finally, you made it to the end of the text. With what you have read you must be convince of the need to get a business logo or get interested in learning how to build a professional logo.

You should contact us since the one week promo is still going on.

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