how to sell product without a website

Best Guide on how to start a business without a website in 2021

Hey, this article talks about how to start a business without a website… most of messages I got from you guys is all about how to sell ones product without a website, and I decide to share with you things that work.

Starting up a business with a website may be expensive at times, not everyone could afford a website no matter how cheap a website design tries to offer his or her service at an affordable price.

There are several ways to sell a product without a website in Nigeria, although it is advisable to have a website for a business, but what if you have N0.00 , then starting up a business without a website is all what you should look forward to learning about.

Have you think of an alternative way of running a business without a website if you don’t have money to get yourself one, I must confess it is very difficult to come up with alternative ideas, I was ones a victim.

This article will discuss how to start up a business without a website, it is not a try and error something, this is what has worked out for me and I am sharing this information out of experience.

Even though I know how important it is for my brand to have a website , it took me some months before launching prodigy workers’ official website.

This has to tell you that I also started from somewhere, it is not compulsory you have everything before you start a business, you could just start a simple brand and always create room for improvement as days passes by.

So I want you to know that this article is the only complete guide to start a business without an official website, although I will also discuss the importance of having a website for your business so you can get more enlightenment, but my main priority here is to inform you on how you can start a business without a website.

What is a website?

A website is a combination of one or more landing pages for your business, it comprises of pages that hold all the necessary information about your business online. You don’t need to book a flight to USA and tell them what your business is all about, anyone who stays in USA and wish to know more about your business in Nigeria safes a whole lot of stress by visiting your website to see what your business is all about.

It is so simple; a website makes it convenient for people to know about your business via the internet.

Best Guide on how to start a business without a website in 2021 1

Starting a business without a website.

Starting a business with a website is one of the best choice a smart entrepreneur will take, but what if you have no money to start up your business?

This question get people destabilized, as no one finds it easy to run a business without a website, hereby thinking it is better to put the business on hold until the money for a website comes.

I will tell you, if you are waiting for the right time (when money comes) to start a business, then the right time will never come. Unless you start from somewhere, you will end up letting the right business idea go since you are not taking a move no matter how little it is.

I am sure the richest man on earth ones started his or her business offline at first, so when you feel you need to have everything to set up your business, you assume the right time to start your business has not come, and then you end up in the rat race (rat race is the 8am-5pm race trap).

You ended up working for another person who has make the right choice even when all things were not set for him.

Ecommerce without website

It is quite challenging to have a business without a website though!

If you know the importance of a website in commerce, you get worried. But the good news is that you can run your business without a website.

If you do not have the fund of a website for a startup, then all what you need to do is to follow the guide in this article.

business website

The main alternative is by leveraging on social media, I will be talking more about how to set the pace.

But I must confess this will need more of your dedication, dedication to smart working. Because running a business generally will always prove to be frustrating not to talk of a business without an official website.

One of the mistakes most young entrepreneurs made and are still making is the act of giving room to quitting more earlier, this is the reason this useful information as come your way.

 What does leveraging mean?

Take for instance, you sell bread in a place where you find it tough to get customers to your small business, meanwhile there is a big company that produces butter very close to you yet you still struggle independently to generate customers.

In the case of leveraging, a smart small scale business owner could easily approach the bakery company and tell them he or she want to leverage on their business, what do I still mean by that?

Leveraging is you going to the butter company to let them know you will need their help; you want them to accommodate you in the butter company so you can take a slot and sell your bread in the company.

Maybe you will give them some amount for staying in their company, it all depend on how well your negotiating skill can help you here.

how to leverage on other people business

My example is systematic, why do you think you should leverage on margarine/butter industry to promote your bread business.

In this case, bread and butter are joint commodity. There is a 90% chance, you as an individual will love to consume your butter with some bread. So leveraging on the butter company will help your business grow drastically, it is a better chance for you to rebrand your business.

There are lots of examples to give, but I will give just one more…

We are still going to discuss the online aspect but I want to make things simple here, even if this is the first time you are using Google, Bing, yahoo or any search engine.

In this case, I will show you how people service can boost the demand of your product without compulsorily having to start up a business with a website at first; I will be using a college as an example.

You sell snacks and there is a school very close to you (comprising of both the primary category and the secondary category), it is smart of anyone who will take a step by going to the college and leverage your business there. Why?

Because that is where your sophisticated customers are, I know of a woman who does that in my area, it works for her and I know it will work for you also, so this is a practical example.

Big business also leverage offline, so don’t think leveraging is only for small business owners, the way the 7up company ones leverage of Chelsea football club. As at 2020, the 7up company leverage on famous football club by placing their logo on Chelsea official jersey.

It is an opportunity for 7up to divert most of Chelsea FC fans to consuming 7up.

So how can I leverage online?

It is simple! You can just speak with a blogger, a reputable blog though!

For instance, you sell skin care product. Everyone who accesses a website wants to make their skin glow, so why don’t you leverage online.

You can pay the business blogger per year or month, depending on what you guys concluded on, then he or she will drive a reasonable number of customers to you from his blog.

If you still don’t get the picture of starting a business without a website, then I will be explaining extensively in the next paragraph.

tools to use for a business without a website

Major tools to use for a business without a website

As said in the above heading, the most profitable way of running a business without a website is by leveraging on the social media.

Be informed you don’t have to leverage on any social media you get access to, this is the mistakes most young entrepreneur make mistake which is wrong! They ended up walk out and giving excuses of how hard they tried but never hit reached their goal. Meanwhile you have to work smart and not hard.

Here are the social media platforms I will recommend you to leverage your business on, also will be discussing which one will work better for your business depending on some critical factors.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. WhatsApp

You should run your business not only on social media; there are some important website you should also leverage to boost your sales.

Most of these websites are forums where you get to sign up with them and create useful post, aiming systematically at driving sales. I guess you may not picture what I mean by driving sales using other people’s websites.

This will explain vividly in this article, let read faster…

How to run a business without a website?

We will also be talking about Facebook, Instagram and other social media, but what if I tell you there are still great ways to grow your sales without these major media (I am not disputing the fact that those are the most useful medium).

These aforementioned website are sophisticated, most people will access Facebook just to catch fun, so why don’t we talk about the forum website first.

Most people who need proper information on what they are buying will go to search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo and other sort of search engine to get what they want to buy.

So this is the reason I will advise you to focus more on driving sales with other peoples website or blog, here it is totally free because you don’t need to pay for anyone, all you need is to sign up on their platform just the way you sign up for Facebook (even stress free while compared to Facebook, you only need information you’re your mail, full name and set your password).

how to sell product without a website

How to run a business without a website by leveraging on some online forum will work better for you, yet proving social media like Facebook and Instagram very useful.

Platforms like Medium, Quora, Nairaland and lot more is a good place to start.

Ok, how can I use them to run my business when I don’t have an official website for my brand?

You can take judicious use of those forums by signing up, and posting search engine optimized articles about useful things related to your business. I am sure most of this forum has section where you can select  where you want to specialize on, sections like education, health, beauty, sport and lot more.

Example of things you can post if you are selling skin care product is “how to make your skin glow naturally.”

Everyone will want to hear from your article, so there will be a massive click.

But before you drive sale, you must make sure your article has a lot of information embedded in them, and then you can add a link to your article telling them how they can patronize you for their organic skin care.

This method works best for every forum like medium, Quora, nairaland and any other forum, yet there are some products or services that tend to work for a particular forum.

It is fine you are rendering services that are mobile enough.

But what if you render services that are not mobile? (Unlike the skin care product which you can deliver to any location).

Best ways on how to grow small business in 2020

What if you are run an educational business, like you own a tutorial Centre for instance?

Here you need people to come and not you sending your service. Let me show you the trick on how to start this type of business without a website in any country you find yourself in.

The forum you will be using is limited to your location, for instance your tutorial center is in the US, then you have to use forum which USA people dominate like Medium, if you stay in Nigeria, it is a best option to use Nairaland as it is the most rated forum in Nigeria and #4 in the world.

Sign up in the respective business and again your articles are limited to sub-location, you own your tutorial center in Texas or Lagos. Then your article title goes thus “outstanding tutorial centers in Texas or best tutorial center in Lagos”.

Now you have given it your best by reaching out to your nearest possible audience.

But there is a problem here…

All the information above will work for you only if you post your article under Google crawling principles (Search Engine optimization).

If you don’t make sure your articles are optimized on search engine, your articles will not be found when people search online.

SEO makes sure your articles are well optimized, following the major SEO factors like the keyword density, research on how many people search for your topic per month.

If your posts pertain to topics which are not search frequently on search engine, then you have wasted your time, energy and other resources put together for the purpose driving sales with your article.

This is the reason you need a Search engine Optimization expert for your article so that it makes it possible to drive thousands of sales for your small scale business.

We at prodigy workers have all the needed online forum account in other to post your article, which means you don’t have to undergo the stress of signing up in any forum.

Ones you reach us, we write your article for you and share you an online link of your content.

We will help you write a SEO article and post it on lots of online forums as possible; the amazing thing about growing your business with our Search Engine Optimized articles is that we will only charge you for one article.

That is, when you pay for one article, we will write as much article as possible yet charging you for only that single article.

Top Practical Steps on how to start a business online in 2020

how to take orders without a website

How to take orders without a website via social media

After writing your articles on the biggest online forum/website for you, you feel “is that all?” it has proven possible to drive sales without a website through these online forums, but how will I take orders and deliver?

So this aspect will be taking you through the practical ways to take order without owning a website after you have leveraged on the online forum as discussed.

To take order, you will be making use of the major tools for running a business without a website; these are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the main time.

We will be discussing more of Facebook and WhatsApp, because this is the most engaged social media platform as at now, and also to prevent sophistication.

Using several social media you may not be able to handle will result to delay in response whenever you have customers to attend to online.

The next step you will be taking is simple, set up a standard Facebook page for your business and then take orders from there deliver what you sell or services.

You can as well use your WhatsApp number to generate leads, WhatsApp is one of the common social media software been used by individual, about 60% of the world population make use of WhatsApp in this era of technology.

Here is an opportunity for you to leverage on WhatsApp, because it is the place you can find your audience.

How can I promote my business without a website?

How can I promote my business without a website?

We discuss the major social media in which you can use to accomplish your business, but for simplicity purpose, I advise you to use a Facebook page and WhatsApp for promotion.

Using 7 social media to manage your business is good, in fact it is one thing those big industry use. But how well can you manage these 7 social media handles as a small scale business owner.

If you are still a babe, then you don’t need a lot of social media handles. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are okay for a start.

So how do you promote your product?

You can create a Facebook Ads campaign on your Facebook or Instagram page; from there you drive people to your WhatsApp link where you respond to customers.

Why I told you not to use more than 3 social media is this, if you manage more than 3 media, your response to your customer messages will be slow and this may result your customer bouncing back in other to purchase what they need from you from your competitors.

So stick to few social media for faster response.

Best ways on how to grow small business in 2020

In the process of promoting your business, you may need a business manager or consultant, you may hire anyone who you think will handle your business better, whether small scale or large scale.

You can contact us for a free trial; we are the best we can prescribe for your business.

Even though you have not planned to start up any business, but you have some money for set up.

You don’t have to divert your money to the wrong place, if you don’t have a business idea, you can as well use the WhatsApp icon on this page to contact us.

Notice: it is going to be a free trial with a full package



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