how to make money online in Nigeria

How can I make real money online in Nigeria [100% faster ways]

There are more than 1000 ways to make money online, but what if I tell you not all these 1000 ways are easy.

Although, not that you don’t have to work before you start making money online, but some works are done in a smarter way, not the hard way.

I reviewed some online works, and I got to know that there are easier ways you can make real money online in Nigeria.

Not in Nigeria alone, as this applies to all other countries across the globe.

You can now work online from home and get paid if you can start with these online jobs, very easy to engage with.

Have you ever been to an interview where you were asked if you have a minimum of 5 years working experience, if you have not experience this in any interview you have been to, I have experience it more than 4 times.

Sometime you may not need so much experience before you secure online work where you can offer your services from home.

money online

You only need to have the basic idea, common sense and dedication to work. I must confess you have to work, though in a smart way.

Unlike the office works where you will need to resume to office by 8am in the morning and sign out by 5pm in the evening.

Online jobs you will come across may just take 4 hours out of the 24 hours you have in a day, and guess what!

They are online work that pays, even more than the office work.

I remember in 2016, before I move fully to making money online, I was teaching in a secondary school where I was paid eight thousand naira per month.

Moreover, I was freelancing side way…

Within one week of working online from home, I earned eleven thousand from freelancing online; I spent an average of 5 hours daily for the online job.

Unlike the teaching job, where I have to spend 9 hours daily…

This made me realize that I can make real money online; it Is just the matter of making a legit transaction with the right person.

Now calculating the amount of money I made on freelancing per month and the money I earned as a teacher…

I earn more than x5 the amount I earn while I was a teacher by just freelancing from home.

I feel this is cool; you should rather try it out.

how to earn online

How to earn money online

What if I tell you making money online can be risky at times, the fact that you are highly prone to get into fraud by scammers.

This is the reason you have to follow this guide, especially if you want to go into investment scheme.

You invest and get ROI (Return on Investment) per week or month, this is a better way to make your money work for you if you don’t have plans to implement.

But I will have to tell you, you can lose all your life time hard earning to this, if you get into the wrong hand.

There is 90% chance you get to the scamming zone if have it in mind to make money online by investing with people.

Even when this people says they are registered company, you still don’t need to trust them if you want to make online money without being scam.

Making money online is divided into two different categories.

Explaining these categories first before going fully deep into how to make money online should be acknowledged.

This is what most people do not know, all what they want is just to make money online; they feel that is all, but it is not true.

Categories of earning money online

There are two major categories to make money online;

  • Passive earning:

This one requires little or no stress to run.

By minimizing your effort, you can earn money online; this is a progressive source of income.

We can use businesses whereby the earner is not necessarily participating physically.

This stream of earning can also take place offline; it is just that it is easier to run online.

Passive income is a type of online money making category which includes consistent earnings from a source rather than getting paid by employers.

It seems easy when you think passive income is one source of making money online where you can just sit back and watch money flow into your local bank just like that.

But in reality, it is not done so. There are lots of works to be done before your money start reflexing.

The work may probably last for some months, then you can quit or work less and see the money you have worked coming to you.

Passive income can be a great supplement to your domestic finance, either you are married, single or you are student.

During economic recession, this source of earning will keep you going.

Imagine you run a passive income online when Corona-virus almost wipe off the financial stability of the globe during 2019-2020, it am sure you are going to do well.

While most business men consider passive earning as a get-rich-quick scheme, still you need to put in some work before making money online.

passive income

Passive income ideas

  1. Selling information/digital product
  2. Investing with companies to get ROI
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Digital marketing
  5. Blogging
  6. Rent properties
  7. Invest in real estate


  • Active earning

Active income is also a source where you can make money online, but the means of making money is quite different from that of the passive earning.

Active earning are those income which are gotten while you work, you have to work here unlike the passive stream whereby you do little or no work before you start making online money.

This income can be gotten offline, but remember this content is more of how to make money online, you don’t have to resume to work very early and close late before you get your money.

This can also serve as supplement, even when you still work offline. Imagine you are a copywriter, you can get work done online and deliver your service, and then you get paid.

As you have read in the section of passive income, it needs little or no stress to earn, but If active income will be needing your hard work, then know that there are some advantages you have from getting your finance through the active income stream.

In case of the active stream of income, it is more reliable.

In the sense that you see every trace of feasibility, you don’t have to guess If it is going to work or not.

To get your money, you just have to work and get instant payment.

If you need a fast source of income, then active earning is the best for you; you don’t have to wait for an investment to yield before you start getting money online.

Unlike the investment scheme whereby you are not even sure if you won’t get into fraud, sourcing your income from passive earning will make your online transaction devoid of scam.

active earning

Active income ideas

  1. Freelancing
  2. Blogging
  3. Coaching
  4. Programming
  5. Sell product

How many stream of income should you have in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, if you want to be financial buoyant, then be prepared to do as many any legal works you could lay your hand on.

Even when you find yourself in other countries, you still have to do several jobs just to sustain yourself, but to save you stress, you will be getting varieties of thing you can start to make money online.

At least you now have idea of the passive and active income that is the fundamental information you need to before making money online.

My advice is to get as much earning stream you can gather as a Nigerian, it may be very frustrating to you try these and eventually fail.

Well this article will help you to get the top source to make money in Nigeria.

Ways to make money online in Nigeria

  1. Freelancing

make money by freelancing

Freelancing is when you render services and get paid; most freelancing services are done online.

Have you got a skill, and you think you can earn from, then why don’t you render it to get some token, at time you get huge amount (not token this time).

Whether you get a token or not, it depends on which type of niche you freelance with.

Freelancing maybe lucrative, when you work to get jobs like website design, content writing, business managing and so on.

Now, here is where the stress rest while freelancing…

The fact that getting jobs as a freelancer maybe very difficult, very difficult when I officially started my freelancing career in 2016.

If you will love to be a freelancer, prodigy workers are available to mentor you till you get things right with them.

It doesn’t matter which country you hail from…

Just send us a mail at or use the WhatsApp icon below this page to contact us on WhatsApp.

  1. Blogging

Starting a career in blogging maybe what you should start if you truly want to make money in any country across the globe.

The income you get from blogging may be both passive and active, it depend on where you channel you media of making money to.

Ways you can earn from blogging are:

  • Using Google AdSense: This is where you allow Google to place advert on your blog in other to get paid, one of the ways Google get her money is through the advert business owners place on Google.

making money online

In this sense, the entrepreneur ads cannot be effective without been placed on bloggers website or blog.

So bloggers can get paid by Google monthly, this earning can be regard as the passive earning, you do little or no work to make money online.

  • Selling digital product: By selling digital product online, you can now make income online using the passive earning.

You don’t need to work here…

For instance, you sell digital product like E-book, people will have to pay first before getting your product, by doing this you get paid even while you are asleep.

  • Render services: One way prodigy workers make their money from blogging is by rendering services which everybody need.

We render services like website and blog design, business strategy and set up, online business management and lot more.

This means of earning can be classified under the active earning stream.

It all depends on how you want to make money from blogging.

With this, you will love to get started with blogging.

You can contact us to get your blog design by us; we are also going to be guiding you through the bases of blogging for free.

  1. Foreign Exchange Trading

Shortened to be Forex, this is an active income source whereby you can trade the foreign market to get profit.

You buy when the trend is going up and sell when the trend is one a downward slope, apparently people thinking forex is only about that.

But you need more knowledge and experience to set yourself in the foreign exchange market if you don’t want to get kicked by the ass.

You may definitely need a mentor who can guide you.

  1. Programming

Programming is one of the most lucrative means of getting online money, but guess what!

You need to learn first, maybe through the hard way…

I don’t mean to fright you with that, before you can be good to go as a programmer, you must have sacrificed your time and been dedicated to work.

You kick off by learning, the stress you pass through will eventually worth is because programming is a very lucrative skill.

You can buy courses from udemy, practice and get certified.

  1. Investing and getting ROI on agreed time

How can I make real money online in Nigeria [100% faster ways] 1

This is very risky to practice, but if you can invest with a legit company, trust me; you will be making money online even while sleeping.

This is one of those ways you can make money online without doing any work.

Remember, you have to do little work before you make passive earning, but investing and getting your ROI (Return on Investment) with a trustworthy company will cost you no stress at all.

But I must tell you, do not invest in any company if you are not sure of how legit they are.

  1. Affiliate marketing

I forgot to add this in the blogging section…

Affiliate marketing is a means whereby you get paid by promoting peoples business; you get commission when you successfully help them sell what they render.

Blogging is one of the best ways to run an affiliate marketing income scheme, you can register as an affiliate marketer with big websites like amazon, jumia and so on.

Here you publish what people need information about.

For instance, you can write article on how to get rid of skin rashes.

After giving your audience detailed information on how to get rid of rashes, you can now recommend a product that can help keep their skin smooth.

Drop a link which will help them purchase that product; after your audience has successfully purchased it, you automatically get your commission.

Your turn

Ways to make money online in Nigeria

Making online money seems very simple, I am sure you do not doubt this in your mind.

But before you make money online, you should be ready to pay the price.

Prices like hard work, dedication and also being optimistic about what you do.

I am sure you gained a lot form this content, let me know in the comment box; which way do you feel look easier to make cool cash online, also tell me which method you will be starting with first.

If this text was useful, make sure you share to the world.

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