How to Get Free Business Card

1 Ultimate Step on How to Get Free Business Card

There are more reasons you should know how to get free business card, apart from the fact that you don’t have to pay.

Since you can get a business card for free, then nothing should justify you if you still haven’t gotten your business a card.

Not every entrepreneur that proves to be smart have a business card, in fact some of them know what a business card is used for, yet disregarding it presence in a business even though they can get it for free.

If you have been looking for how to get free business cards, be sure you will get the necessary information if you can glance through this page.

I will be revealing how you can get a business card without having to pay a dime.

It is totally free…

Maybe you will like to get it yourself; you want to know how you can get it yourself.

This information also contains the necessary information on how to become a business card designer, yet emphasizing more on how to get free business cards.

What is business card?

What is business card?

A business card is an identity card of a business; it speaks everything about a brand and easy ways to reach that brand.

Have you ever come across someone you met for the first time, after the discussion, he then gives you his official business card.

Yea, it is been shared after a formal conversation or after introduction.

As said earlier, a business card is formal; it includes all the useful information of a brand and how to reach out to it.

A business card is small, printed on card, which is identifying an individual or firm connecting with his or her prospect.

It can be for individual, likewise also for business.

Individual business card

When someone runs his or her business alone, without board of directors.

Whenever he or she presents a business card to someone, it is said to be an individual business card.

If that was a bit clumsy, then here is a simple description of what I mean by an individual business card…

Permit me to use examples for better explanation, imagine you sew cloth, you own your shop.

This means you are managing your business individually.

This is an individual business, it was not cofounder with anyone else, whenever you get a new friend or prospect, then you get them your business card.

This is a signal to that prospect that you are interested in his or her patronage; in this situation you gave that person your individual business card.

Business card design 

Organization business card

This may be a little bit different, but this doesn’t still change the fact that you that manage your business individual and me that manage my business with a board of director still use a business card.

Just a slight different, mine may be more professional than yours (although they still play same purpose).

Even if you manage a registered organization, this does not stop you from knowing how to get free business cards.

Both the individual business and the organization aimed at maximizing profit, then getting a business card for free should not be a problem since it reduces cost.

Business card design                 

You should not suppose your card to tell the complete story of your brand/company.

It only talks about the important story about your business, remember your business card is a small card printed on it information about a business.

Since the dimension is small, it will not be appealing if every information about your business in on it.

Just make the information as simple as possible, yet not denying the main purpose of the business card, which is to summarize what your business is.

It should present specialized images (mostly business logo), which people will be able to recall easily.

In most cases a business card design contains only a business logo to make it simpler; using more than 2 images will not make it professional.

So make sure you keep it so simple while designing your business card.

Business card size

Business card size

It depends on what you want your business card dimension to be, but remember, we are keeping this professional enough.

Even if you are getting it for free; I mean knowing how to get free business card, you still need to be sure of its dimension.

For a standard business card, it size in inches should be 3.5 x 2 inches, this make it so portable and simpler.

Someone you will be giving your card don’t want to imagine how he will fold it in his pocket.

In other to avoid that, making it portable is a better idea, this is the reason professional business card designers stick to the size of 3.5 x 2 inches.

Some use pixels instead of inches, both dimension can equate, it is just the mathematical conversion you have to know.

In the case of pixel, its dimension should be 1050pixel x600pixel.

What is a business card used for?

There are numerous reasons why you should use a business card in your business.

A lot of people do not use a card because they were not aware of the importance to a business; business card has saved the ass of a wide number of business men.

Most people after searching for how to get free business card, they don’t want to get the real deal on the importance of a business card.

They just want to follow the trend and own one.

Hey! Getting its importance will help you even if you found how to get free business card.

I think you should have a previous.

Importance of business card

Importance of business card

  • Make details exchange easier

The reason most smart business personnel do not joke with it is because, it makes it easier to pocket information of a company.

If you have a business card, you don’t need to go through the stress of writing down your company information on a piece of paper or calling the details out to a prospect.

You can just pass your card to the recipient; he or she can easily put it in a wallet.

  •  Give a better first impression

Giving first impression to a prospect is very important, if you are a smart entrepreneur who runs a small or large scale business.

Business card can help you get a better impression, especially if your business card is been designed by a professional.

The prospects see your brand unique.

The eye-catching and well- designed card will build a profitable impression of your business.

Even if you eventually found how to get free business card, it doesn’t matter since it is professional.

  • It turns people to a marketing device

This is the reason you need a professional card for your business.

While email marketing, search engine optimization, Facebook and other important marketing tools convert leads to customers.

Your card plays a vital role in marketing, whenever they come across it where they kept it.

It reminds them always of a business they need to patronize.

  • Makes it easy to refer people to your brand  

Not only the person you gave your business card will see it, there is a high probability that it gets to 3 or more people.

A card that contains quick useful information of what your business has to offer can be referable.

Someone who does not know about your business can easily see it and understand what your business is all about.

That individual can easily contact you, and have a preview of your service.

  • Building trust

As every market you find yourself becomes very competitive, you need to find a way to gain your audience trust.

Before a costumer can buy what your brand produces, then this mean he or she must have trust you and your brand.

I must confess building trust is one tasking things to do.

Business card is one factor that can help build that trust in your audience.

Get Free Business Card

  • Help people remember your brand always

Imagine just telling your prospect you are a land surveyor without something that can remind them always about your brand.

You don’t need anyone to tell you that these people will easily forget all what your business is all about, but when you tell them “I am a land surveyor”.

Then you give them your business card, you have more than 60% chances that those prospect will patronize you.

Since he or she can always check on your business card and see what you do.

You have sent some people mails about your business?

Yes, it will do well but unless they open the mail, they will not know what the mail is all about.

A business card is a physical thing that they can see and remember, they don’t need a click before they can open it, and it is very visible.

So be assured, knowing how to get free business card is one step to succeed in your business, apart from it is free, you get the value in owning a business card.

  • They are affable

To get a business card, it is very affordable; some will charge you for N5000 (which is around $20) for 100 pieces.

If you have been looking for how to get free business card, we can design it for you for free and send it to you via the social media, then you can print them yourself.

If you also want it in piece, you can feel free to contact us.

  • They never stop working

Provided that your business card was not destroyed or burnt, it will always continue to play its role as a marketing tool.

Even if it was misplaced, it still has the potential to advertise your business wherever it was been found.

I love case study, so let us use one case study to prove our research right.

A radio and television advertisement may last for 3-5 minutes, at that point in time only those that were watching or hearing will know about your business.

The advertisement stops working after the 5 minutes advertisement, but unlike the business card, it will never stop working.

It will continue to spread the good news about your business to gather more prospects.

What should be on a business card?

There are some things which are very important to note while getting a business card either free or paid, it must still have the same attribute.

After reading this section, you will know what should be included while designing a business card and the reasons for adding these things.

What is the information to include on your business card

What is the information to include on your business card?

  1. Business logo

Your logo is one of those marketing tools that speak what your business is all about.

It is a brand identity, no one uses the same logo as yours if it is unique, every business needs this for an identity.

When you add a logo to your business card, it makes your brand look professional and reliable.

  1. Company/brand name

This is obvious; a business card designer should try to get the brand name of the business on the top of the card.

Make this very unique in design, give it space, and change the font and color.

This will notify that the brand name is the subject here.

  1. Tagline

Mostly called tagline, but to simplify everything here, a tagline is the summary of what you offer or what you aim at.

Let imagine a tagline that says, “…a better home you have always dream of”.

Something should tell you that this brand is about real estate, even if you are not given the business card to see what exactly the brand offer.

So you have every reason to make sure a tagline is included in your professional card.

  1. Your services

The tagline will not say all about what you offer, it is just a summary of what you do.

You can still try to include what you do on the business card, as to let anyone who lay hand on your card know almost everything about your business.

Make sure you do not place your services on your business card in manner that is not appealing.

Make it portable as you can, this will make it well structured.

  1. Official website

This will make your business trustworthy; getting a website from top website designers will do you much favor.

You become an outstanding entrepreneur among your competitors.

A website will play a wider role in this awareness, it is a place where all the necessary information about your website is been documented online.

Your prospect will be able to see all what your business is all about, the services you render in full details, why they should patronize you, and also testimonies from past and recent customer.

If you design a website for your brand, then you don’t have to stress yourself by doing much of local marketing (the process of mouth-mouth enlightenment) while giving your prospect the business card.

He or she can easily access your official website to get more information about your business.

  1. Contact

It is very important to include you contacts on your business card, contacts are list of media whereby people can reach you.

Your phone number, mail address, office and lot more, including your social media handle (your Facebook page, Instagram handle and so on).

How to Get Free Business Card?

How to Get Free Business Card?

You can design a free business card with us, a professional one that carries all the required attributes of a good business card.

You must have wanted to know how to make a business card for free, you should then worry less.

What makes business card standout is getting it from a professional body, if it is coming from Prodigy Workers, then it must be outstanding.

You can always contact us to get free business card in less than 30 minutes, since how to get free business cards with the prodigy workers has been revealed to you.

Click the WhatsApp icon floating on this page to contact us.



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