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Best Guide on How to find a local freelancer in 2021

It is mostly not likely you find a legit local freelancer if you don’t use a common search engine like Google and Bing.

Although, it is very possible to find a freelance worker on other online platform like Facebook and Instagram, I don’t know why I prefer getting my freelancers on Google to other online platform.

But if you will love to hire a freelancer for a job, where are you likely to visit?

Google, Facebook, Instagram, or you visit a friend? I wish you can drop your reply in the comment box, but I prefer not to stress you with that.

There is lot of freelancers claiming to be better out there, the problem comes when you hire them and they are not giving you what you wanted.

Maybe you have seen some memes online trying to compare things in a funny way, you will see something like “what is ordered versus what is delivered”.

This comparison is just trying to make fun out of most local freelancers, when you draft out a standard proposal in which they will be using for a job, and end up presenting what is not even close to the proposal at the end of the work.

Some may view this comparison from the fun angle, but I just always interpret it as a reality.

You find a local freelancer for maybe web design, the freelancer saw your proposal, it should have been better if he or she cannot perfect the work and immediately tell the person hiring him in other not to stain his or her freelancing career.

local freelancer in Nigeria

But he feels he can give it a trial and end up ruining everything, spoiling his freelance reputation.

2 weeks before the publication of this article, a friend of mine was told to set up a Facebook advert campaign by one of his client, that friend of mine is a fellow freelancer.

But unfortunately, he has an issue with his debit card and gave me the work.

The advert was at the purpose of driving sales to purchasing a book; I came up with different approach in other to make the advert convert more.

So I ended up picking one of the approach that will work best, I have always use this approach to drive sale to my ecommerce website.

I showed this friend the proposed plan to launch this ad, but he felt he has a better idea, I waited for this and he gave me the highlight. He told me to launch the ads with that approach.

I compared it with mine, but I found more reason I should implement my tactic, I tried to convince him to use mine, because that was a master advertisement approach for driving sales.

To brief this, I rejected to do what I am sure it will not work out fine, he found a local freelancer and gave him his idea to use, the ads was launched for 10 days but got poor engagement.

No sales and this was a very bad one for him, he got his online freelancing career in a big mess.

This is what most local freelance workers do; the question is how you find a local freelancer who will offer a satisfactory job?

job freelance online

Job freelance online

Some jobs can be freelance online, while there are some certain jobs whereby you will need the worker to come along in other to deliver the work.

Examples of the job that can be freelance online are website development, mobile Application development, content writing, hiring advertisement agencies and lot more.

But how do you now hire a borehole driller online without coming to the spot for this service, people who render services like borehole drilling, land surveying, housing agency, hair styling, home delivery service and lot more find it impossible to render their services without going to meet their boss.

Yet, something interesting about this is that you can hire these local freelance workers online, getting them from the search engine source is a way to get the most out of your called-for  services.

You can also use LinkedIn or Instagram, but I feel getting them from an official website is better because:

  1. Almost everyone you get from Google are legit, it is rare to end up falling into scammers reach unlike Facebook and Instagram
  2. These people are professional
  3. A freelance worker like prodigy workers has a place where you can give back feedback. Feedback is the very best way to tell the whole world how you feel about a local freelancer service, good or bad.
  4. I don’t know about other local freelancers, but Prodigy workers is one of those freelancing company that gives out their services at affordable prices

freelancer official website

Freelancer official website

Prodigy workers is one of the best freelancer official website you can reach out to for any of your services, we are team of professional whereby we render services both offline and online.

There is other great freelancing website out there such as Upwork, Jobberman, Fiverr, but we can pledge for our services, we have one of the fastest means of replying your enquiries.

Also you don’t have to be too official to reach us; we have a WhatsApp icon where you can reach us directly and also our active mail ready for instant response.

Our freelancing teams render services which vary from all aspect of delivering services, both from the online to offline aspect.

Ranging from web designer, website manager, graphics designer, real estate agent, borehole driller, Land surveying and C of O acquisition and lot more.

These people has gone through lot of screening to make it to our sort of spec, they are legal and verified by us so you don’t have anything to worry about.

All you have to do is to use the WhatsApp icon floating on this page to contact us, then we direct you to a professional of any services you wish to call for.

best freelancers to hire

What to expect in our local freelancer

There are certain protocols been laid down for our local freelancer, and this is what you should expect.

Most of these people offer services in which they will need to come along, services such as brand delivery, real estate agency and more.

It is best to notify you also that payment is been made after service been rendered, unless some actions permit.

Actions like buying working material, the borehole drilling service will need you to get pipes and other such of items in the process of working, then you can make half payment.

You don’t need to worry about the payment aspect; we offer our services at a very affordable price.

Also our local freelancers are at the topmost peak for quick delivery, imagine how professional it is when we tell you your services will be delivered on Monday and we deliver before Monday.

This has given people to trust in our freelance career.

Some of these local freelancers you will find with us are international workers, not only international workers; they are expert in their various field of specialization.

You should also expect good customer relationship and satisfaction from us, our freelancing team makes sure you are fully satisfied with whatever we delivered to you.

After delivering what you call for, we want to know how well we have served you as a local freelancer.

contact freelancer

One thing you can also do which will help people to  take the right decision while looking for a freelance worker is to drop a review how good or bad  the services which was rendered was.

Even after they found a local freelancer for a job, a review from past customers will help them know if that sort of worker is competent or not.

Facebook page allow dropping a commendation or condemnation of freelancers, depending on how well a local freelancing brand has treated their various customer.

It is one thing to hire a freelance worker; it is another thing to get affordable services and also one more thing to get the best you desire from any local freelancer you are hiring online.

We have an official Facebook page where you can check the accolades been given to us by people like you, who made us the best plug when it comes to freelancing.

Also, if you intend to become a local freelancer, we are fully available to mentor you for free.

For any other service you wish to call for now, we can help you!

You have found a local freelancer who can deliver your job to the upmost satisfaction, use the WhatsApp icon floating on this page to contact us.

If this article as proved very useful to you, you feel it can help a friend find the best local freelancer for their job?

Then make sure you share this content to them.


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