how do you become a prodigy

How do you become a Prodigy |100% Complete Guide|

Anytime you hear the word prodigy, what come to your mind first?

Or maybe this is the very first time of coming across with the word, but you hearing this, what does the name prodigy mean to you?

Permit me with some questions, I understand it looks weird to ask you questions when you need to know more about a certain thing.

In this information you are going to be getting more information on intellectual prodigy, it will be unprofessional of me if I don’t write on the major question “how do you become a prodigy?”

A lot of people often ask me this.

I received a text via my mail, saying “hey prodigy workers, you are prodigy.  So what makes someone prodigy?”

Like seriously, I couldn’t get away laughing out my ass very hard.

Like we bear brand name prodigy workers, it is very interesting you recognize us truly as prodigy workers, not we just bearing the name alone.

The problem comes when you have the potential to be a prodigy, but you have no idea of how well you can bring out that intellectual and skillful identity in you.

You don’t know how well you can become prodigy if you have the right information especially from the right source like the Prodigy workers.

How do you even know if you are a prodigy child?

A friend of mine who was an ubber driver once told me his story of how he became prodigy while driving back home at night.

It was a gang of armed robber ready to harm him and get rid of his car.

Unconsciously, he drove like a race man who is in a serious racing competition.

Until he managed to get to a safer place, he was still in confusion. Like “how did I get here?”

But he called that being prodigy, is it really prodigy?

Don’t worry, we will get to know better one what the name prodigy means and also how to know if you can be prodigy.

what does the name prodigy means

What does the name prodigy means?

I will rather say prodigy is act of being unique in all aspect, instead of writing grammars here.

If you are a prodigy, this means you are skillful, intellectual, and also you can multi-task.

What do I mean by multi-tasking?

This is the act of doing two things simultaneously, yet making them perfect.

Becoming a prodigy always will come along with some prices, but after these prices been paid, you will have no cause to regret striving so hard to become prodigy.

So in one simple statement, prodigy means becoming one of the best in anything you do.

Is being prodigy good or bad?

Is being prodigy good or bad?

Is it really bad to be a prodigy child?

Some people say you become so proud when you have gotten to the level of being a prodigy, well this is true.

You become proud if you are not careful, so you just have to learn to be humble even when you are a prodigy child.

Becoming a prodigy does not mean that is the end of learning for you, of course there is always room for perfection.

A prodigy still has lot of things ahead of him or her, so he or she still has to learn from people, so why having this unnecessary pride.

Being a prodigy does not really mean you are perfect in all angle, it only talks on how skillful and intelligent you are.

However being a prodigy is a good thing.

How to know if you are a prodigy

How to know if you are a prodigy

You may not know you are prodigy, until you try what you feel you cannot.

Let me put it this way, everyone is a prodigy, the difference between you and the prodigies is because they figure out their potential faster.

But after you have figured out your prodigy potential, you work on the potential.

How do you know if you are prodigy?

It is very simple…

You become prodigy when you are getting almost everything right, yet you never stop learning to acquire more skills.

Imagine you dedicate a whole month in website designing, you got it right and you keep moving on till you get to learn at least 6 creative skills in a year.

Let say you continue learning new things, that means you have nothing less than 36 new skills in just 6 years.

Are you not prodigy enough? Especially if you continue to enlarge the skillful potential in you.

are prodigy born or made

Are prodigy born or made

Everyone as the potential to be a prodigy, no one is born with it.

Although it is entirely a different ball game if your parents are very intelligent enough, their gene can help you become prodigy in a very less strenuous way because it is hereditary.

If you have gotten an average intelligent parent, then you need to work your ass out to become a prodigy.

Not to scare you friend, everything you need to do in other to become prodigy are right here in details.               

How do you become a Prodigy?

Like for real, what makes someone prodigy?

Becoming a prodigy may mean you are someone who is naturally talented at things you have never thought of trying before.

Ideally, this mean you can be naturally talented and you don’t even know, why?

This is because you have never tried what you can do, it is a potential in you, and you need a driving force to become a prodigy.

Here are thing you should take into practice if you want to become a prodigy.

What makes someone prodigy

How to become a prodigy 

  1. Be ready to unlearn and learn

Everyone has this potential of becoming a prodigy; everyone will be prodigy if you are ready to pay the price people who are prodigy enough paid.

But the problem now arises when you have proved not to be teachable.

Most people don’t want to learn, but they wish to be knowledgeable.

It is cool to have that urge to become knowledgeable, but can you unlearn things that are not necessary.

If you can unlearn unnecessary thing you have learnt, then it is easier to learn new things from people.

Learning new things is one very important tip on how to become a prodigy.

  1. Pursue what you are passionate about

Most skillful footballers did not become prodigy in their field because they were naturally talented, NO!

These set of footballers became prodigy because they saw a concrete reason to purse what they are passionate about.

You can be so passionate about writing, but if you don’t pursue it, I bet it with you, this will not give room for improvement.

Pursuing what you are so passionate about give room for improvement and hereby making you become a prodigy.

How do you become a Prodigy |100% Complete Guide| 1

  1. Personal study

Even if you take all the necessary right steps in other to become a prodigy, if you have not been having personal studies, then you still have a long way to go.

It is just like you loving mathematics and you wish to be prodigy as regards math, but you do not observe personal studying.

When exam comes, you have to cram just to pass the course.

Although you may pass the examination, but you are not a prodigy.

Prodigy children always have time for themselves to engage in personal studies and also meditation, you tend to get more enlightenment on your own if you do this.

  1. Critical thinking

You have to exercise your brain if truly you want to become a prodigy, it will be very hard to be prodigy when you don’t always think critically.

Someone who is prodigy is a solution finder, how on earth will you solve solutions if you do not brainstorm?

Some games could help you become a critical thinker though!

Game like chess, this will help you carve out the prodigy in you.

  1. Practice

Practice they say makes perfection, no matter what you do, if you want to become a prodigy in that niche, then you have to practice.

No prodigy programmer ever ignored practicing; they always keep coding to bring out the best in them.

Not only programmers.

If you are a driver, you still need to practice in other to perfect your driving skills, till you are sure you can drive at any point in time.

  1. Be confident

I love when people are confident of themselves; not being confident in whatever you do is a step back to becoming prodigy.

If you are the type that is not really confident, you really need to work on yourself so as to become prodigy.

I could remember, it was very difficult for me to gain confidence most times.

But as time goes on, I read good book and this gave me the edge.

  1. Be focused

FOCUS, this simply means Face One Course Until Success.

You can read that again, it is a very vital step to take if you want to become a prodigy, it makes you face one section till you get the best out of it.

Let say you are learning to become a website designer, and also software development.

You have to pick one out of the two and dedicate yourself to it, if you really want to be prodigy at them.

If it takes a month to learn website designing, dedicate all your attention to this before moving one to learn software development.

  1. Work on increasing your memory

If you are found of asking people “how do you become prodigy?” then this is one solution you should not take slightly.

There are several ways to increase ones memory; one of its kind is to visit the doctor.

The doctor will recommend food you should take; milk helps the brain, so I feel it is fine to take more of milk, if you want to increase your memory in other to become a prodigy child.

There are more of foods that help the brain; you can make intensive research to get more of what to eat.

  1. Get yourself a good teacher/ mentor

If you have a good teacher, especially a teacher who is also prodigy in nature, then you have no stress.

how to become a prodigy


You have someone to mentor you to becoming a prodigy; all you need to do is to follow instruction.

  1. Rest

Most times all you need to do is to keep in touch with resting, if you really want to become a prodigy like Prodigy Workers.

If you say sleep is for the lazy ones, then I wonder who will reap your hard work when stress hit you to the grave.

It is advisable to rest for at least 6 hours daily; resting helps the brain a lot. It has also been one of the factor you are alive today.

In few months’ time, after you have applied what you have learnt with me, your friends should be the one to ask you “how do you become a prodigy”.

Quite comprehensive information on “what does the name prodigy means?” even if you haven’t heard of prodigy before, then I am sure this has helped you.

Are Prodigy born or made? I guess you now understand how it works to be prodigy, whether you are been born with it or made of it.                                                

And lastly, you now have the complete guide on How to become a Prodigy?

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It is obvious you now know if being a prodigy is good or bad, if you take carefully these steps, you will become a prodigy.



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