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Free Complete Guide to hire Online workers in Nigeria [2021 Update]

True and competent online workers in Nigeria maybe difficult to get if you have not checked this out.

You have online jobs, and you will love to hire competent workers, then here is what you should know before you hire any online worker in Nigeria.

I am sure if the online worker is not your close friend, or someone you have made physical contact with, then you may never want to hire that worker.

This should be because you want to be sure you are about to hire the right online worker.

It is not only you, more than 50% of human being does that, I have done this before, but when I knew the does and don’ts of hiring a freelancer online, then It was cool by me to get an employee online.

Hiring online workers may not be cool with you, especially if you are a kind that find every opportunity to avoid been scammed.

It is now necessary to master how to hire online workers, even if you want them from Nigeria.

What jobs can be done online

What jobs can be done online

Firstly, it is not possible you hire people to work for you online if you don’t know the type of jobs that can be done online.

You cannot attempt to hire online workers if you don’t have idea of what they can offer you.

If you know the jobs that can be done online already, then you should feel free to skip to the next section that talks about quality of true online workers.

Most jobs now are been done online to safe stress and cost, imagine you hire an online manager who can help you from home.

It is obvious, his or her salary will not be that high compare to someone who resume to office every day and leave by evening.

Someone who resumes to office every day and leaves late need more allowance, because you buy more of his time when he resumes for office.

Here are list of works that can be done online

  1. Website designing:

Since you want to hire online workers, the very first person you may need to hire is a website designer.

This work does not compulsorily need the employee and the employer seeing each other before they sign a deal together.

Although to avoid scams, it is advisable to make sure you are working with a reputable website deigning brand.

Website designer is someone you can hire online without you coming to see him, you can hire him from you home.

If you already have a website, then you need someone who can actively manage your website, you need an expert who can skyrocket your business website?

Then you will need a website manager if you do not have one.

This can also be done online, it is a monthly or yearly agreement with your manger, and you don’t have to spend more.

Freelancing brand like prodigy workers offer free business management services if you are willingly to manage your business without stress.

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  1. Graphics designing

Every business, no matter how small it is needs to hire graphics designer, you need a well-designed and structured graphics that will attract customers.

Like the website designer, you don’t need to pay a huge amount since the workers is not a full time online employee.

All you need to do is to pay a token base on agreement between both of you.

list of works that can be done online

  1. App development

Except you feel your organization need a full time App developer, then you can say you will have to see online workers before you hire them.

The choice is absolutely yours whether to hire that person online or not, he or she will develop the Application and even publish it on play store or App store where people can download and use.

The problem about hiring online worker is how you can confirm if this worker is real, I mean if this employee will not end up scamming you or later proved not to be competent enough, as expected.

Everything you need to know will be explained in this information as you dig deeper.

  1. Programming

Programmer covers both the application development and the website development.

Not only that, I programmer can also be a software developer. To hire these people, the internet has made it very easy to hire them online without having to admit the debt of paying a full time programmer.

  1. Content writing

There is a common saying among business bloggers; the saying always goes thus “content is king”.

Your content is very important, it explain everything about which you are, what you do and cogent reasons people should buy your product or services.

There is something amazing about the power of content; the content (the way it speaks with the audience) will determine the fortune of a business, even if you run your business partially online.

Imagine a content that does not carry the audience along, it will fail the business interestingly.

Content writers are one of the online workers you can hire in any part of the world without necessarily employing on a full-time agreement.

This will save more money and stress than you can imagine.

  1. Advertisement agency

Some agencies help promotion of business; it is no doubt that this category of online workers does not essentially need a physical agreement before you hire an advertisement agent.

Everything can be done online, since the digital world makes that readily available…

A case study is those who manage a WhatsApp TV, close to 90% of those who pay WhatsApp PR for promotion have not seen them in person before, but they seal deal online and make transactions.

  1. E-book formatting

If you sell digital product, then selling E-Book is almost inevitable…

You will be in need of a professional E-book formatter, he or she is one of the online workers you can hire from anywhere in the world.

A formatter is someone who will help in editing your product, giving it a good cover picture, editing the text in other to make it more comfortable for the reader.

Have you ever bought an E-book and you feel you have wasted your hard earning by purchasing it, then there is no doubt that the seller did not format the book well.

Online formatting is one online work you can give to people without having to stress yourself, everything is done online.

These aforementioned work are online jobs from home, these online workers can be hired from home, deliver job and paid without crossing offline.

Obviously, we at Prodigy Workers offer all this services; you can contact us via the WhatsApp icon on this page. Our services are remarkably affordable

Now let go down to the main talk.

If you have gotten someone to hire, then be sure he or she is a best option for you.

There are lots of freelancers you can hire online for services, but you need to be able to predict 100% accurately that the online worker you are about to hire is competent and he is not going to end up scamming you.

How to know online workers that are legit

How to know online workers that are legit

If you want to know if an online worker is legitimate or not, then do yourself good by not skipping this section.

One thing that is very hard whenever business is involve is trust, it seems difficult to trust a business partner on a first deal, not to talk of when you are trying to hire online workers you don’t even know at all.

But there are some protocols you can follow if you intent to employ online worker, and you want to make sure you are playing your card safe by not getting scammed or you want to make sure the person you are giving the online job is up to standard.

Qualities of a true online worker

If you are meeting this online worker you want to hire, then make sure he or she has an official page online.

What do I mean by having an official page online?

Official online page is a place where you can reach out to the prospect online job seeker, places that can be referred to as online pages are Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Instagram page, twitter page, website and so on.

Out of these pages mentioned, an official website is best recommended.

Make sure the online worker you are about to hire has a website, at least that is the surest way to put a mind at rest.

online workers in nigeria

Make sure those online workers you are hiring have previous work to show.

It is very important, if you really want to know how competent this online worker you are about to hire is.

If he or she does not have previous works to show employer, then how is the employer going to know if he is not going to mess up the entire work.

When you see the previous works of that online worker, then you do not need any motivational speaker to tell you whether to hire him or not.

You should be able to decide this yourself.

These online workers should tender customer review.

It is very important; customer review will help you know how customers feel about them, if you did not check out freelancers customer review before you hire them online.

Be rest assured that you have more than 70% chance to face critical issue with this online worker, issues like delay in delivery of services, high cost of hiring and so on.

To safe all these stress, then getting a customer review will do better.

By doing so, you will know how well the online worker you are about to hire has treated his or her customers.

A very good example of online employees with genuine customer review is prodigy workers; you can click here to check out our customers review on our official website.

hire online workers

Your turn on online workers

I hope you have really gained a lot, if you have paid close attention, then you understood the reason you need to hire online workers instead of going through stress to get workers offline.

Also, how to know if an online workers you about to hire is competent and genuine, the 3 basic quality will help you avoid been scammed by an employee.

Now your turn, let me know what other qualities has helped you find true online worker in your country, if you haven’t hired anyone and you are about to hire, then let the world know in the comment section, which of the qualities has helped enlightened you better.

I am sure you will be glad to share this post to your friend since it proved useful.

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