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Online business manager should be what you will be looking for if you are always busy; I mean you do not have that time to spend on managing your business.

You may be the salary type, who run a sideway business but needs a business manager in other to manage your business to a satisfactory level.

Or you even run multiple business, but you find it very hard to multi task, don’t worry you have got yourself a business manager.

Before you take your exit from this page, it is pleasant to know that you can start a free trial with us, you don’t need to pay a dime.

Then when you get the best out of our services, I am sure you will love to taste more.

I will be sharing with you what an online business manager is.

Wait; did I just use the word “what”?

Yes, a business manager does not necessarily mean to be a human being.

It may be me; it can be a robot, so feel free to read through and also make sure you unlearn that unnecessary thing you have learnt.

Cool, Prodigy Workers can be a competent online business manager, but what if we do not enlighten you on the necessary things you should know?

Things like, online business manager job.

Then it is possible that you may find it difficult to hire a better business manager even if you are not hiring us, this is the reason we are enlightening you one what you should know before you hire any.

What is our task as an online business manager? Most business managers are not sure of their task.

If you want to hire someone online who will be in position of managing your business form home, then be sure he or she knows his or her job as an online business manager before you pump your cash to his pocket, or else you bear the risk.

While you are running your business, a business manager will help play the role you should be playing, what roles are you expected to play?

I bet you don’t even know all, this is the reason you need more enlightenment on this before you hire any on to manage your business for you.

Just to be sure you will be getting a competent online business manager.

What is an online business manager?

What is an online business manager?

If you find your business in this updated age of technology, then I want you to be sure that 100% of businesses now need a business management scheme, if you are truly serious with your business.

The idea of introducing a business management skills will help your business grow faster, I am sure you easily get frustrated when your business’s growth is been stunted.

You want to avoid a stunted growth? Then introduce the Online business management (OBM) system.

Let for example use those that do not have the internet presence in their business, maybe you sell fashionable material.

A very high percentage of them own a shop, yet they did not know that they use the business management system, even though it may not be effective like using the Online Business Management (OBM) scheme.

They employ a sales girl, this is still the business management system I am talking about, but this is offline.

Some even use OBM, but do not know.

In case you do not know, Facebook, twitters, WhatsApp, Instagram are all online business managers.

So do not criticize me when I use “what is an online business manager?” instead of using “who is an online business manager?”

The online business manager is anything that takes the role of updating a business; his or her primary aim is to make sure the business is still lively.

Modern entrepreneurs need a master plan for their online presence; if they do not introduce OBM, their business updates won’t be frequent and this will not help the business.

So, this is one reason you need an online worker who can manage your business for you.

Online business manager jobs

Online business manager jobs

Have you seen an online business manager?

Then ask that manager what task he or she is to play.

You can only get the best when you are hiring, if only the person you hired knows his or her task.

The online business manager jobs maybe categorized, depending on the pay, we place our service in categories so that the everyone can afford it.

While some are even free!

A good online business manager makes sure information for a business which has its space on the internet, is updated.

We talk about updating all social media handles of a business, logo designs, web designs and so on.

Although, some of these skills will be needed as regards available plans/section…

The free plan, iron plan, or gold plan, any plan you consider.


The task of an online business manager

1. Operation management

He or she makes sure all operations are in proper condition.

This is the master aim of getting the work of an online business manager from you.

Operations like building up strategies that works for your business, make sure your business manager is also a good executor, and not only a planner.

Someone who can detect fault, know where it is coming from and also make amendment.

Getting a good business manager maybe very difficult, but I bet it with you having a good executor is one step to achieving the goal.

2.  List building

List building is an important criteria to look into while making your business an outstanding one, you need someone who can build a great list of your costumers.

What is list building?

This is one marketing techniques, it is a practice whereby prospect are been enlisted, hereby nurturing them till they become regular customers.

Getting a customer maybe very difficult.

In fact, let be sincere here, it may take months to get a stubborn customer.

What is list building?

If you are pushing out a campaign, not everybody will purchase at that moment.

Some don’t have the money, some want to be convince they are taking the right decision by purchasing your product.

I can assure you, this set of people hold on to the largest percentage of the audience.

So how do you get them back in other to maximize profit?

This where the idea of building list should come in, there are several media in which you can build lists from.

You can build them with through mail, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, telegram, and lot more.

How do you get the best out of the list building?

Here is where the experience of an online business should come in…

3. Social media management

I update my social media handle frequently, in fact almost every day.

Do you have that interesting time to waste?

I call it interesting because that is my job and I love doing it.

So before you will hire an online business manager, be sure he knows he will be in charge of all social media handles in which your business own.

4. Research management

Not all business managers will help in researching, even he or she should not be in charge of researching, yet we recognize how valuable researching should be and we are one of the few that include this in our package.

Everyone knows researching will take time, but they won’t tell you it is a necessary practice to engage with.

Keeping an eye on your product growth, and what necessary steps will launch it better is one of those practices that will grow your business faster.

Competitor research is also important, research on them.

5. People management

I should be scold if I forget this, it will be unprofessional!

The people are the audience, the audience will later be realize as the customer, a good online business manager should be good at managing peoples enquiry online, maybe via social media pages, website or mail.

6. Brand management

A little bit related to operation management but this is a more tedious task.

At first, he or she should not take this as an ordinary business but a unique brand.

Who needs an online business manager?

Everyone needs a business manager, as long as you own a business or planning to launch one.

You maybe place on a payroll by your boss, this is a chance for you to get out of the rat race (I call it rat race because it is an 8am- 5pm race).

You always have the chance to start up with something and hire an online business manager to engage your business for you.

Required skills for an online business manager

Required skills for an online business manager

There are some skills you should look out for while choosing an online business manager, although a personal manager may not have all this required skill.

But at least to an extent he or she should possess 80%- 90% of these skills listed below, a body of online business manager should have 100% and even additional, because they are set of bodies into the management.

Prodigy Workers are set of skillful freelancers, so be rest assured you are at the right hand

Skills an online business manager should possess

  • Management skills

This is ability to play the aforementioned roles, roles like people management, brand management and so one.

You need to be sure this person is really good at managing your brand.

  • Team Engagement

Your business manager should be ready to work with your team, provided you have one.

If you do not have a team, then he or she should be able to make strategies work.

At times working with the team is very important, you may not be able to work it out as a business manager, the manager should be ready to take you as his team member if your brand does not have a team.

He or she will present strategies that work, so that the both of you can edit and agree with the plan.

  • Copywriting skills

Those who have the copywriting skills are good communicators; they have the potential to convince your prospect to becoming a buyer.

The work of a copywriter should not be limited while running a business, in fact every aspect of it should have a touch of copywriting.

  • Graphics designing                                   

Graphics engage more customers, so you need someone with this feature.

Imagine creating a campaign without a compelling graphics, you must be wasting your time dear friend.

If need be, also watch out in addition for a video editor.

  • Website designing

Even if you don’t have a website, online manager like prodigy workers build a free website for those who hire us.

So you still need a website designer to be sure you are taking the right step while hiring.

  • Content writing

You also need a content writer; content is king so you need a good writer.

Someone who will sit down and assemble great content for your brand, content that will wow your audience is what you need now.

  • Critical thinking

I guess every business manager should be a critical thinker, but I wanted to be sure you are getting a good worker for your business.

Online business manager package

Let talk about Prodigy Workers package as a business manager, no package is limited to what you can achieve even as a small scale business owner.

Our plan ranges from the free trial plan, here you don’t have to pay a dime to hire us, we help you with your social media page update, graphic design, WhatsApp marketing and lot more.

online business manager package
Our package

Another plan is the basic one, where our task become larger, hence charging you a token.

Also we have the silver and the golden package, the package you will love to choose is now a choice to be taken by you.

Is business manager a good job?

Yes! Business manager is a good work if you are really competent enough.

You will find it very hard if you are not prodigy enough.

Also, you should get the online business manager course from us if you are interested.

Online business manager rate

The rate of a business manager will not always be the same, but you have a preview of how affordable we charge in the next paragraph.

Hire an online business manager  

Hire an online business manager  

I am glad you read through till the end, isn’t it glad to get an online business manager who can get your business oxygen to breathe in.

If you have paid close attention to what you have been reading, then you should know you do not need that huge amount of money you were thinking before you can hire an online business manager.

You can even start with us on a free trial, all you need to do is to access our official web at prodigy workers and click “starts your free trial”, and get started with us.

You simply just got yourself a business manager for free.


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