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13 Best Freelancing sites to make money in Nigeria

Have you thought of how to start freelancing in Nigeria and other countries?

Then searching for freelancing sites where you can work and get paid is one of the necessary steps you should take, this information will be feeding you with best sites for freelance service.

Certified freelancing sites to make money in Nigeria are few; this is the reason you have to careful while choosing a freelancing site.

Even if you are a babe in freelancing some of these sites is where you can start your freelancing services.

They have been carefully selected out of other freelancing brand.

Some of them are 100% free to register with.

Most times you may never get people who will hire you, it is very hard to get them at your reach, this is the reason you will have to leverage on other people media in other to get clients who will seek for your freelancing services.

You may also be thinking of which field is best for freelancing, all the information you will need as regard freelancing, and how you can make money from it.

You just need to read till the end.

If you use the search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo, there is several information scattered through the internet.

You don’t have to clog your brain with so much information ( especially if you want to freelance and make money) that will later confuse you, I am sure you will love to get a complete information from one page than accessing information from different source in other to get the complete information.

Even after getting the information you searched from different source completed, you tend to get confuse because not every website will write the same information.

One will always bring an idea from different angle, applying every idea may not be necessary since you can get it at once.

This content contains the complete information on list of recommended site for freelancing and how to register with them.

you will be getting information on freelancing websites, if you missed the last article on freelance meaning, make sure you read through to understand what freelancing means

Website for freelancing services in Nigeria


Website for freelancing services in Nigeria

It is an Australian freelancing website where employers can post jobs and potential workers will be available to deliver all day.

They accept freelancers from Nigeria also, a notable brand in freelancing which was founded in 2009.

I find this place profitable for freelancers, it is a platform whereby you can hire freelancers for job done online.

Whatever services people wish to call for, there is always some set of freelancers to get it done.

You get paid on every services delivered to the employer, a nice place to start with.

You can access freelancer and sign up to start your profitable freelancing career, you just have to fill the signup form and you are good to go.


Website for freelancing services

Similar to that of freelancer, indeed is a site for freelancing whereby people post job opportunity in other to get competent freelancers.

Indeed is one out of those unique job sites on the internet that help people get job and creating better experience for freelancers.

Once you get registered with the, you will automatically get job alert from Indeed.

It is easy with them; you can access their website to sign up.

Prodigy workers


This is one of the freelancing website you can freelance and get paid for, one of the latest brand which allows easy interaction between the founder, freelancer and the employer.

You don’t have to go through lot of stress before getting hired, you don’t have to wait for employer so long.

Unlike most freelancing website, Prodigy Workers allows for online and offline freelance services.

One of the fastest freelancing brand as regard response to freelancers, you can easily connect with them freely on WhatsApp and other media like Facebook.

As far you render a service that pays you, you can easily contact them and you get added to the freelancing roll.

Occasionally, there are some online training that is been carried out for free, maybe you freelance only one logo design and you wish to learn a minimum of 3-5 now skills every year for free.

There are expert at Prodigy Workers who are ready to get you trained, and also hiring you for every freelancing job been called for.

If sending mails and waiting for replies is not your thing, then Prodigy workers is a better freelancing brand to start with.

You don’t have to wait for replies since we use one of the world fastest media for responding, the whatsApp connection is ready for a fast reply and you get added to the freelancer payroll.

We also give room to connecting with new people.

Use the WhatsApp icon floating on this page to contact us now; you have gotten one site to freelance your service with.


best freelancing websites

Fiverr is one of the online places for freelancers and employees, where people buy and also sell digital services.

If you are a freelancer, then you are on the right track, it was founded in 2010 and has grown to accommodate as much freelancers as possible.

If you create content, design website, do copywriting and other sort of freelancing services, then fiverr is one of the freelancing website where you can freelance and get paid.

To register with them, you will need to fill a registration form online and get started.


find freelancing sites

Upwork is also a website where you can make decent money by freelancing your services, joining upworks is totally free.

But you can also choose to upgrade your plan with just $10 every month.

As a freelancer, working at upwork is a better step to take, you get to become one of their freelancer by signing up and creation of profile which include every of the service you offer.

It is one of the biggest freelancing plugs in the world.


What is freelancing and how does it work?

PeoplePerHour is a UK based freelancing, a similar site where you can freelance and get paid.

This platform enables giving out work from the employer to the worker; freelancer can register with them and get along with their freelancing career.

You sign up with them by filling the sign up form; make sure you edit your profile information into get things right whenever a job is available.


How do I start freelancing?

Toptal is an online freelancing website where you can find works as a freelancer, cutting across all aspect of online skills.

Like graphics design, webs design and all sort of skills you can get paid for.

You can get registered and start your freelancing career for free.


What is the easiest freelance job?

As the hunt for Job opportunity becomes more competitive, Jobble could be a solution.

As a freelancer, you can get hired by employers in no time, and be rest assured to get paid.

It is a simple platform, they make things more modest.

Even if you are a babe in freelancing, you stand a chance to get job with jobble as far you have skills to offer.


freelancing websites

Jobsora is one of the innovative platforms to find job opportunities, you get to sign up with them and join the freelancing team.

Every member can subscribe to job alert in other to get notifications whenever someone needs to hire a freelancer.

It is available in more than 35 countries across the globe, and also free for freelancer to register.


13 Best Freelancing sites to make money in Nigeria 1

This is one of a kind! Nigerian freelancing site.

If you have a skill you are really good at, you should better sign up with Jolancer and get paid.

You post services which you are ready to offer in replace for money, someone who is interested in hiring a freelancer with that skill can check your profile before hiring you.

You can register for free by signing up with them.



Jobberman is a freelancing website where you can earn from, it is a Nigerian freelance website, founded in 2009.

If you are a Nigerian, then this is one of the portals you should consider while choosing site for freelance service.

It is a Nigerian recruiting website, people posts available job so as to reach competent freelancers who are available for the job.

You can sign up with them and mingle with your online bosses, signing up is free!

Gigs Nigeria

It is one of the notable freelancing website for Nigerians, founded in 2014.

Gigs Nigeria allows rendering of any services ranging from N1000 and above, be it graphics design, web development, App development.

You can sign up with them get to join the freelancing gang.


13 Best Freelancing sites to make money in Nigeria 2


Justfrom5k is a Nigerian freelancing website, one of the reputable ones though!

It is operated online and offline across Nigeria, you can sign up to start your freelancing career with them.

Which field is best for freelancing?

best service to freelance

Some people will say Website designing, App development, Software development, advertisement agencies.

What do you feel? Which field is the best for freelancing?

The truth is that, we can’t say this field is better for freelancing compared to the other one, what may make them better in their ways is how lucrative they are.

The complexity also matters, which one is more tasking, which one consume more time, more stress?

Is it website design or content writing?

I think the main reason why someone will tell you, “look this field in freelancing is better” is because of how much money you can make from freelancing that service and how stressful it is.

The other factor may be by the way, but these two are the major factor.

What is the easiest freelance job?

Software development is one of the most lucrative freelancing services you can render, but have you been told you have to learn programming language like python?

Content writing is lucrative if you are in the good environment, which is why you should not go for any services you are not sure you will be able to deliver.

Not getting to half way of the work and you feel “arrgggh! This is stressful’.

freelancer websites


I will rather not recommend one skill for you if you have not acquired one.

When you acquire series of skills, then you can be sure that this one is better to major on.

Which freelancing site is best for beginners?

While on the journey to grow my freelancing career, I made a lot of mistakes…

I was not organized at all, maybe because I never know the right site for freelance service, I just found myself signing up for all the freelancing website I could lay my hand on.

Since I will get paid, I never mind.

Although not all paid me, some pay was not to be compared to the stress I pass through while making sure I secured a freelancing work.

Let me imagine you know how it feels to stay connected with other freelancing website, and then you eventually get delay in payment, also didn’t get work in time.

This is one of the mistakes I made, but I don’t want you to experience this.

So which freelancing site is best for beginners?

Prodigy workers is a better place to start with, aside from the fact that you get skills for free, and you get paid also for those freelancing skills.

You also become a full participant in whatever we do; you become premium member without any need for payment.

You are not delayed of your payment and you get to relate with the brand board freely, no much formality in it!

Unlike some freelancing website, prodigy workers offers online and offline freelancing services, so be rest assured that you have a better edge to start working online.

It is a better freelancing website where you can get paid after each freelance service had been render, no need to accumulate your earning with them.

Your pay is instant!

Also, registration is not a big deal with us; you don’t need to fill a sign up form with us if you are looking for freelancing site to make money from in Nigeria.

You can message us via the WhatsApp icon floating on this page and we automatically add you to our freelancing roll.

You get instant SMS alert on all available freelancing jobs.

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