Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan [Hire an Experienced Online Marketer Very Close to You] 2

Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan [Hire an Experienced Online Marketer Very Close to You]

Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan

One of the major reasons you should hire a digital marketer in Ibadan is because you will need the freelancer to execute your small/large business plans, you have to sit with the marketer so both of you can decide the next step that will give your company a bigger and brighter picture.

Although this is not always applicable, you only need this to make sure you are getting the right freelancer to hire as your digital marketer in Ibadan.

I hope you didn’t get any distractive content on the web before you got here? I am Benjamin, the founder and lead instructor of prodigy workers (one of the top freelancing brand).

In this article I will be discussing why you need a digital marketer, to make this very extensive enough for your benefit; I will be adding more information on what digital marketing is and why you need a digital marketer in Ibadan.

Almost lastly, will be giving in full details works of a digital marketer, why you need to hire one of the biggest freelancing brand- prodigy workers for your digital marketing job in Ibadan.

The reason you should hire us will contain our testimonies, the bonuses we give to our client and also the affordability behind it.

What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a way to promote your business online, in other words, this is the act of leveraging your business on the internet using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Before this present generation, the mode of marketing business or companies have not been quite easier, it has been done through local marketing.

Local marketing maybe very tedious, it is the means at which your business is been promoted with an exclusion of the internet, even without using the smallest social media platform,  every form of marketing here is mostly done mouth to mouth.

It is very clear that digital marketing has given every business to promote their business without necessarily having to go through the difficult way before your business can be known.

The most amazing thing about digital marketing is that, you are not only going to be getting occupants of Ibadan only.

Everyone across the globe can see what you do and make their decision easier to buy or not, you should not stop here, continue reading if you need your business to be promoted by a digital marketer who stays in Ibadan.

Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan

Who is a digital marketer?

Who is a digital marketer?

A digital marketer is someone who engages in promoting your business online, such simple? I guess…

But that is not all you need to know about a digital marketer, you have to know the difference between a mere digital marketer and a profession digital marketer.

You need a digital marketer in Ibadan, then you don’t have to take the rough decision in hiring an unskilled personnel, be sure the freelancing company you are hiring is up to the task.

So here are those vital things you need to know about a good digital marketer who you need to fit in for a job opportunity in Ibadan.

Major qualities of a good digital marketer

The digital marketer must be a marketing specialist:

We have nurtured a lot of complains of client who come to use, telling us how they ran into the arm of the wrong digital marketers in Nigeria.

Although I have no reason to blame them because they were not properly guide, you should not fall a victim if you are reading this.

One important thing you have to know about most freelancers online is that some are hustlers while others are renowned marketers.

How do you know the hustlers from the renowned marketers especially now that you want to hire a digital marketer in Ibadan?

The hustlers will tell you they are into any work, meanwhile it is a try and error work for you. On the other hand the renowned digital marketers are those who are really specific in what they do, this is a way you can get an experienced digital marketer in Ibadan.

Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan

He must me a good copywriter

Most people who call themselves digital marketer really don’t know about the skill called copywriting, what does this means?

Copywriting is the act of writing copies that convert, it is very important to know if the digital marketer you want to hire in Ibadan have at least 90% competency in copywriting.

  • Why must he be a good copywriter?

One of those means in which a digital marketer promote ones business is by running an advert, either Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads.

But any of these adverts will not convert to sales if he is not a smart copywriter, to add to this, a copywriter does not only make ad copy convert, he or she is also in charge of the full branding of a website.

Now you can see, lot of task ahead of a professional digital marketer in the world.

A good digital marketer should be able to multi-task

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should multi-task out of the cycle, he is not going anywhere out of the cycle of digital marketing.

What do I mean?

A digital marketer will be in charge of handling several tools, pending from the aspect of all social media account to website and other important roles to play.

So, before you hire a freelance digital marketer in Ibadan, make sure you know he or she can multi-task in the cycle of digital marketing.

Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan

Digital marketer in ibadan

A good digital marketer may be a graphics designer

It is not compulsory he or she is a graphics designer, but what if he is also a graphics design? Well that is a plus for you.

Although most digital marketer is who graphics designers will not want to work of the graphics part, the aspect where you will need a graphics whenever you want to publish and advert online.

Fortunate enough, prodigy workers do not mind, we play the graphics designer role as an additional task without having to charge any dime.

A good digital marketer should be a web designer

Although it varies, there are some digital marketers who only major on handling of social media account; of course it is also a task.

But getting someone who can design a website and handles your website backend is an advantage to digitalizing your business.  What if Facebook decide to shut down today and moreover you don’t have a space online- I mean having a website.

This means if Facebook and other social media decide to shut down, your business is shutting down automatically because you leverage solely on social media and not getting an independent space online.

So getting someone who knows fully well about website design is going to give your business a netter edge.

Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan

A good digital marketer must be an SEO expert

I know the importance of SEO on small business not just because I am an SEO expert, but the fact that I have used my SEO skills in implementing more than 5 of my brand and they are really doing well without having to pay Google or facebook for advertisement.

If you have not heard of the word SEO before, then maybe this is a good opportunity to know.

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is a means where you can generate traffic (people) from Google without paying a dime, you only need a website for this.

When you search for something online, for instance you are searching for ‘’prodigy workers”, once the information has been loaded on Google, you will see Prodigy Worker ranking on Google first page as #1.

Now researchers can access the website and see all what we do at prodigy workers, same thing apply to you if you own a real estate company in Ibadan.

SEO experts will help you write content that will rank on Google first page and make you generate sale for free.

Freelance digital marketer in ibadan

What is the role of a digital marketer?

The digital marketers are involved in marketing a business, they market it anywhere (although there are smart places to market your product, this is the reason you have to hire the right digital marketer here in Ibadan).

Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan

  • So what is my role as a digital marketer?

Let assume you hired prodigy workers; here are the vital role as a digital marketer

Business management: This is what every digital marketers should know, if have to be sure rhe online marketer you are hiring in Ibadan knows this well. The fact that he is a digital marketer alone does not exclude him from becoming a manager of that business, so he can know when any goes wrong, he needs to blame.

Content creator: Content is king they say, a good digital marketer knows the worth of a good content, he or she is very much in charge of writing content that will convert to sales.

Advert manager: This is where the real marketing comes in, you don’t need someone that have idea for this in other to get things running, you need an experienced advert manager, someone who can run advert on the internet and making sure you are maximizing the benefit of the internet. Not every digital marketer in Ibadan knows smart media to run advert, there are lot of them, Twitter, instagram, Facebook, Google, whatsApp, but where is smarter to run ads as a professional digital marketer in Nigeria.

Why you need to hire a digital marketer close to you in Ibadan?

Although you can decide to hire a digital marketer who is not in Ibadan, but hiring someone in Ibadan should be the good step to take if your business is in Ibadan.

As said earlier, it is not necessary, but this will help you have easy access to your employee.

Why do you need a digital marketer close to you?

Why you need to hire prodigy workers as a digital marketer in Ibadan?

There are hundred vital reasons why you should hire prodigy workers as your freelance digital marketer in Ibadan.

Here are concrete reasons you should put us ahead of all other digital marketing company in Nigeria;

  • We know what you want and we are ready to give it to you!
  • We own a freelancing brand online
  • We offer some free services; at first you are going to be hiring prodigy workers as your digital marketer on a free trial.
  • Money back guarantee, provided we didn’t give to you what we proposed
  • We are experienced freelancers
  • We are certified
  • We understand how the digital world works, so sit back and let us do the whole stress
  • We offer bonus after every services

Freelance digital marketer in Ibadan





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