high paying skills to learn this year

30+ High Paying Skills to Learn this Year [ that will buy you a new house]

There are several skills to learn, this content highlight some highly paying soft skills you should consider having, it is far beyond putting food on the table, the question is…

“Are these skills going to put sufficient food on my table?” My answer…

If you are searching for a way to make money, then these cool skills will make you more money, not only to put food on your table, but also getting your several wants.

skills to learn this year

Selecting a skill to learn is becoming more confusing to individuals who are deciding to go for a skill acquisition at any point in time; this is as a result of lacking proper information.

There is something interesting about me, I bet you will love to know, I was once in your shoe, made silly mistakes while choosing a skill for myself. The mistake was learning more than 4 different skills at a time and end up mastering none, it sucks then, I must confuse.

But the difference between you and me is that you are probably not going to make the same mistake as i did, you are going to be getting information on one of the most profitable skills in the world, and you should take them one after the other in other to achieve the mastery goal.

skills to learn

One of those reasons behind poverty is the fact that most individual lack one skill or the other, you have to stop complaining about being broke when you have nothing to bring to the table. Ask yourself, “What can I offer?” from there you get clear image of your financial stability.

Skills acquisition is one vital part we don’t have to drop in the bin.

At times, the main reason some are still broke is not because they have no skill, some have few skills yet these skills are no longer profitable, or the service of that skill is no longer call for.

My predictions were right because I was once in that category, a lot of people might be too lazy to make research on the profitable skills to learn, or maybe they don’t keep themselves updated and this is the reason some stay a broke life.

Hey, I am Benjamin, the lead instructor of Prodigy workers; I want you to know that there are few skills you can learn that will make you huge amount of money- here top 30 high paying skills to learn in your country.

Top paying skills to learn, that will buy you a new house

You just have to follow along with my content so as to get value from it, also if you will love to get most of these soft skills for free, read till the end.

Disregard the fact that you been to several blogs and you keep getting information that couldn’t help you, thorough research has been made before publishing this post online, in other to get a perfect answer to your question.

I will be giving you detailed information on the list of skills to learn, so refill your mug with some coffee or get a glass of chilled water.


List of Top skills to learn

lucrative skills to learn

Listening skill

Don’t be disappointed, I know you just asked yourself, “how is this going to pay my bills?”

Before you learn anything, you need to have the listening skills first, yes it very important to note that, wait! What is the act of learning skills?

Isn’t it readiness? Readiness can also imply listening to your tutor audio or video content, or whatever media being use.

Come one, what if you don’t have the listening skills in other to learn, then I bet you are going to lose some information that cost thousands of dollars.

You care for learning basic life skills everyone should know? Then train yourself on listening skill first.

Ability to listen well will help you gather information without losing any of them; as a good listener, no word is left unheard. Information which is meant to do you good is not been exposed to the atmosphere, and moving around like a useless gas.

So make sure before adding anything to the list of skills to learn this year, you have to embrace the listening skills first! It will help you secure information that worth huge amount, so regard this as an high paying skill to learn.

Everything about the skills you should learn that will make you more money

Writing skill

This is one of those badass skills to learn, I am sure you have not made research and gotten some insight of how much money you can make until you give writing skill a trial.

You may also face some problems in this niche, if you don’t make proper decision before you consider writing as a professional skill to learn, asks yourself if you have the passion for writing. If you don’t, then you should not consider writing.

Why do you need passion before going into writing as a professional skill to acquire?

high paying skills to learn this year

I know you might be curious, why I told you not to practice writing if you are not passionate enough. Though, writing skills is one of those high paying skills to learn, but the reason you have to be passionate enough is that; writing goes a long way.

You have to carry along your audience, carrying them along requires passion for this skill. If you don’t, I am sorry you might fail in the writing industry.

Yet there is always a room for improvement, I can help you with this if you feel you will be a bad writer when you start learning this skill. I was never perfect at first when I write, but smart work pays.

I will help you, by engaging you in a free mentorship; you will be learning all about content writing, you will also learn how to write contents that rank on Google if you will love to become a business blogger.

Communication skill

You might have observed, I arranged the first 3 skills in arrangement on what you should learn first.

I advise you to get these 3 soft skills for a start before you go for others; these are skills to learn that will act as a catalyst to other skills.

The communication skill is also one of those most lucrative skills to learn…it will prove it usefulness in every skill you acquire in life.

Think of this friend, you have a very good product you want to sell, ok you went all the way to pump fund to promote your brand.

But ops!

You lack good communication skills that can drive audience to buy your products, so sad, your advert must have failed…

Low sales!!!!

Until you learn how to communication, you will still continue to waste your money on marketing.

But when you have a good communication skill, you will be able to communicate to your audience and make them put their last cash in your product, since they are replacing the cash for value.

So prodigy workers will advise you to build a communication skill, it a basic skill everybody needs to learn.

Most profitable skills to learn

Programing skill

You have asked yourself “what skills should I learn?’’

Well what if you learn programing?

Programming is one of those skills to learn, it will always prove useful as time goes on; learning programing will help solve the world problem, who doesn’t want a solution?

With programming skill, you can create useful software that will solve people problem, just the way Bill Gate invented Microsoft in other to solve practical problem, I am sure you know he makes huge amount from this.

In case you don’t know, programing is a skill everyone should learn; it generally helps your thinking!

In case you have zero idea on programing, here is some programing language you should start with

how can i learn a skill?

  • Html, css,
    Bootstrap, python,
    Java, JavaScript.

You may need a computer for this task, if you don’t, you are still good to go, you can start HTML with your phone notepad.

Now where are you going to get it?

I have bad news and also a good news for you, let start with the bad news.

Getting a programing course will cost you lot of money, and the good news is this; you can get any programming course at a cheaper price with me.

Let start with learning HTML, the first 100 people to contact me gets my HTML course for free to start with. This means, every month the first 100 people get the courses without having to pay anything on the internet.

This course worth an average cost of $100, so imagine saving you that huge amount.

Click on the floating WhatsApp icon on this page to private chat me, or message directly via mail.

Graphics Design skill

I should have mentioned this earlier…
Graphics designing is one of those amazing skills to learn, a very lucrative one.

Everyone wants an attractive design for their brand; it will help them sell their products well.

They really want a design that can speak what the brand stand for, so you can earn from them by making a very good design for them.

Microsoft Excel

top 30 skills to learn

It is a spreadsheet which is use for writing entries in row and column, when you add a row or column; it is called a “cell”. The cells are created when you add columns and rows to the spreadsheet.

Aside adding column and row, there are some technical mathematics and formula behind this, this is one of the full package of what Microsoft Excel can do.

Learning this skill will save you some stress, imagine you were adding cells in numbers on a vertical format; you don’t have to pick up a calculator provided you are to sum up every cell.

With Microsoft excel, you can easily use the mathematical formula feature available and get you answers.

A lot of people need this skill to maintain their office work, Microsoft excel create avenue to design a spread sheet which helps a long way by making office works easier.

It enables you record the entry of any business you run, so this sill should not be left out while thinking of new skills to learn.

Best skills to learn for the future

 Microsoft Power Point

top skills to learn


Microsoft Power point is a useful software, you should get familiar with it…

It is very helpful when we talk about making presentations look professional, although presentations can be created on other Microsoft software like the Microsoft word, but using Power Point gives you access to several features and hereby making your presentation a perfect one.

In universities, this what most lecturers use while creating their note, power point has made it possible to use pictorial editing of lecture material in a neat format.

Have you gotten Power Point on your computer? I think it is time you make use of the full pack feature Microsoft has to give.

Power point is also useful while creating graphics like certificate and lot more, you can start using this software to freelance and get paid.

 Microsoft word

high paying skills

Everyone need this skill, if you are a salary earner who works in office, then this is one of those office skills you should learn in other to sustain your position in a company you work for.

This software helps you create written document, help you encrypt document and make sharing easier.

This is a useful software you can use to create proposal for companies, it also has an amazing feature that help you create your text in tabular format.

More features include the page layout, the mailing, the view and review aspect, the insert page and lot more. The insert page helps you insert pictures from your desktop to the Microsoft word environment.

In case you will love to be a book publisher, then you need to have complete insight of the Microsoft Word.

Best skills to learn for the future

Marketing skill

This skill is a very profitable skill to learn, in fact! I should say it is the king most skills?

Maybe I am wrong, but to be more precise about the marketing skill, this is a skill that will help you sell any useful product that is needy in the market space.

Imagine you have what you can sell, but you don’t get people to buy from you, this is so heartbreaking. Learning this skill will help you come over heartbreaks you are going through.

The marketing skill has the tendency to earn you nothing less than $2,000 monthly, the skill is being acquired by reading marketing books, aside reading, you also need to meditate and take things you read into practice.

This is a skill whereby you go either locally or digitally, at the aim of promoting your products for higher sales. It takes years to master this skill, so never give up when all seems frustrating.

Cooking skill

30+ High Paying Skills to Learn this Year [ that will buy you a new house] 1

You could make a living from your passion, if you love to cook then this is an amazing thing to explore more of.

You could start a restaurant in your area, and I can assure you of generating sale from what you love to do.

Being a chef is lucrative, this is because you are satisfying both needs and wants, you could save people the stress of going to the market to buy food stuff in other to cook when they get home.

Individual could enter your cafeteria and pay for whatever they eat, from here you make profit.

 Developing good habit

You need a good habit to run anything you do successfully, it may not pay you directly. But a good habit can take you a long way in marketing or any services you render to people.

Do you want to know why customers will come back after patronizing you? One important reason they do that is as a reason of you being good to them.

So you have to take this very serious…

Badass skills to learn

Learning a new language

There are companies that hire language translators, when it comes to inter-country transaction language could be a barrier.

So hiring someone who can translate one language to another is a better decision to take.

You may also work as a content translator; you translate text, audio or videos from one language to the language you were hired and paid for.

Learning a new language will only take you less than 6 month, so you don’t have to contemplate if this is going to take your time or not.

Creativity skill

This is innovation oriented, not only you need this creativity skill; your best friend also need it. I hope you tell your friend after reading this content on skills to learn.

How do you build the creativity skill? You do this when you spend most of your time meditating on something almost different from what people have being doing.

Engage in useful talks that will help your career, I am sure you have chosen a career, in other to make everything go well. You need to meditate on how to be different; the positive result you get from this is as a result of your creativity skill.

Being creative is not a day work; you may not see the effect as soon as you think.

List of skills to learn

Drawing skill

This may not be the first time of hearing that drawing is a lucrative skills to learn, and if this is your first time hearing this.

Congratulations! You have just been exposed to something that worth it.

Drawing is a hot skill, you earn lucratively from this by getting art works from your client, you get works online or any other platform you want to deal with in other to showcase your skill and promote it.

You can supplement your effort by watching useful video and also buying courses that are related to drawing.

Watching video courses is one of the fastest ways to learn a skill faster.

Learn how to sew

tailoring skill

Learning how to sew cloth might have never cross your mind, I am not trying to get you off your passion, because I know not everyone will love sewing.

But if you ask me “what are the high paying skills to learn?”, then I will recommend you try sewing.

It is all about fashion, if you can do something creative and fashionable, then this could be an opportunity to explore tailoring.

This is a skill you have to learn from a professional

The bad news about tailoring is that it takes time before you can become a certified fashion designer, a professional tailor may spend nothing less than 2 years before he or she becomes an expert.

Cool skills to learn

Repairing skill

I remembered during those days while I was in my old apartment, I couldn’t count the number of time my electronic device that got faulty.

There is this young man I use to pay in other to fix my electronics, he was the only electrician who has a shop where he repair faulty devices.

I could imagine how much this guy makes since he is the only one offering this service.

This skill is a lucrative one if you can look into it, and get a perfect environment.

You can decide where to exact your pressure, for instance, learning how to repair phones and laptops could earn you mature cash.

 How to budget

One amazing skill we should not let go is the ability to budget, it mean a lot.

I realize it not going to make you money instantly, but you know you can make thousands of dollars and everything has no good effect.

Learning how to budget will help you manage your expenses and also make judicious use of the money you have at hand.

One of the best ways you can learn this skill is by learning from home expenses management and reading books that can help manage your finance.

Your financial life is very important, budgeting is one key to getting it right.

One book that has helped me is the “The budgetnista”, fewer than 100 pages, yet it contains budget hacks that will help you build an important skill- how to budget.

budgeting skill

You can make a purchase online, or join the first 50 people to get “The budgetnista” from me for free.

Contact me by clicking on the WhatsApp Icon on this page.

Fun skills to learn

Bargaining skill

The bargaining skill is quite related to the budgeting skill, it has almost the same benefit, only that it is acquired in a different format.

Bargaining is a seller-buyer negotiation thing, in other to agree at a certain cost price of a product or service.

Bargaining skill will help you reduce cost, almost the way budgeting works, the difference is that bargaining skill helps reduce cost of expenses, it also help increase profit if you are the seller in this case.

Budgeting helps reduce cost of money at hand; I hope you get the difference now?

Photography skill

The photography skill cost some reasonable dollars in some part of the world now, it is evolving and giving it the value it truly worth across the globe.

I saw a creative photo make-up while my friend was viewing his WhatsApp Status, weeks ago before updating this content. Then, I realized value in the photography industry.

I was impressed and I had to get the photographer contact, just to appreciate what I saw. Imagine I need a photographer, who will I reach out to?

Of course, I am going to contact my new friend- the photo genius.

Playing Musical Instrument

musical instrument skill

Maybe because I love music, but who else doesn’t love listening to music?

If you are interested in learning a new skill, then you should consider learning musical instrument.

Make it one major part of your skill and see how it goes, apart from making money from it, you are doing yourself good, melody helps the mental health.

How relevant is learning musical instrument? Getting to learn how to play musical instrument is very important, because musical instruments are one of the major backbone of music.

Every musician will love to hire someone who can create the musical atmosphere they want.

Most important skills to learn in life

Copywriting skill

Copywriting is one of those lucrative skills to learn, it define the fate of your brand if you have one.

This is a skill you must acquire if you will love to start an advertisement company, copywriting is simply the act of making your advert copy compelling- some of the copywriting tools involve text, graphics, video and lot more.

The difference you might have spent $600 for advertisement that yield you $0, and me who spent $200 for advert that yield me $4,000 profit is as a result of the copywriting skill I have acquired.

This is not to impress you, copywriting is a real deal. I have made a free material which involves everything you need to know about copywriting in the link below.

Get the free material now >>>>Copywriting 101


Video editing skill

A good video cost $300; sometimes it cost more than this…

People who advertise their product now use video, because it has better edge of converting than other visuals.

If you have been following me, I have a quick question for you, I am advising my finance Application, I want you to download it on your App or Play store.

So I intend to use two visuals, the graphics design and video, the video in the advert gives directories on how you can sign up and save some cash. It also shows you how to transfer money and earn some bonuses.

On the other hand, I hired a good graphics designer who designed a catchy graphics, don’t forget, I also made the video in a catchy way.  So my question is, which visuals do you think will convert the most?

I guess you went for the video, but the video may not convert better, it only has a better edge of converting.

Video will explain everything in details about a product or brand, this may be a mean of earning mature money if you take video editing as a skill to learn.

Barbing/ hair dressing skill

This is one of those basic skills to learn, learning how to dress hair or cut hair will help you pay your bills and put food on your table.

Maybe you don’t know, an average stylish earn a minimum amount of $70 daily, it now depend on how well your business has been structured. You have no limit to what you can earn as a stylist.

Skills to learn in life

Website designing

The website design industry is a multi-millionaire one; this is one of those niches I have paid more attention to as a Pro freelancer.

It is the act of creating an atmosphere online for information and sales, I am sure you will gain a lot while i take you through this process personally. I have being a website designer for more than 7 years now, and I can say I have better experience in web designing.

You stand a chance to get my website designing course for as low as $90 if you contact me now, my course include how to start making cool money as a freelance website designer and a life-time mentorship.

skills to learn that will give me more money

Conclusion on skills to learn 

So far, we have discussed a lot about profitable skills to learn, thanks for reading!

If you have successfully read this and found value in it, congratulations

I am sure you have made a decision to learn a new skill as soon as possible, and if you have not made your decision, then here is my advice for you.

I know how you feel right now, at times decision making might be a hell of work, so I will advise you to give yourself time- a whole day is enough to meditate on what you won’t regret of doing.

Go for what you feel it correlate with what you love doing and see yourself taking the best decision to skill acquisition.

The list of skills above are one of the most lucrative skills to learn anywhere in the world.

Such a genius I am, I can tell you I have acquired all skills listed here and I know how profitable these skills are. I want to make it easier for you to acquire, by giving most of these skills out for free, including mentorship.

You also stand a chance to learn how to make money from these skills, contact me by clicking on the WhatsApp icon on this page or send a mail now.

In case you may still find it very hard to take a decision, then let talk it out in the comment section, what are you passionate about, from there I may find a solution to what profitable skill you should learn this year.


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