20+ Best Active Jobs that Pay well 2

20+ Best Active Jobs that Pay well

There is one amazing thing about job, the fact is that every job do not pay you the same thing, there are some active jobs that pay well than the other occupation.


It has been like that, no 0% doubt, you should not expect same monthly revenue from a doctor and a lawyer, this is one of the reasons you have to keep your eyes on the highest paying jobs in the world while on the path to your career.


Although you should be driven by passion and not the lucratively of an occupation, yet you still need to take note of jobs that pay well in the recent world. You notice the more you grow, the more responsibilities to take, more people going to look up to you than ever before, they believe you should have gotten a job that pay well so you can earning well.

These occupations we are going to be exposing you to are easiest jobs that pay the most in any part of the world, this jobs can make you rich because most of these are active jobs that pay which are not limiting the revenue you can generate from taking them up as an occupation, so we will love you explore on Prodigy workers.

20+ Best Active Jobs that Pay well 3

Come to think of this, will you be able to take good care of your love ones if you are not into these active jobs that pay well? I bet it with you, you might even be scare of going into marriage soon, and of course you know more bills tied to you in the marriage zone especially when you have kids.


In this article we will be giving you numerous lists of highly profitable jobs that will pay you well, also we are going to be giving you in full details on what the occupation deals with and an estimated amount they can earn in a month.


You love banking jobs, but you never knew that there may be other occupations which are more of active job that pay well than most banking jobs. Maybe when you were still a kid, you were part of the banker, doctor, lawyer aspiring team.


I mean were you one of those kids then that will be asked “what do you want to become?” and you replied with those orientation sweeten jobs like, doctor, banker, lawyer to mention brief.


So funny I fell in the banking aspect, I always want to become a banker because I saw the way bankers dressed, very neat and highly classed, maybe I admired them because I only got exposed to bankers and accountant, there are some other jobs whose occupant dress fine.


I never knew before I fell in love with a banking job, but now I never think of it.

In the next paragraph, we will be giving you from another perspective, the highly profitable and active jobs that pay well. Most of these occupations are jobs you might have not come across before.

List of jobs that pay



Been a pharmacist has been a kind of occupation which has proven to cater widely for needs, the occupation is the act of industrial and scientific preparation of medical substance like drugs and its peripheral.

20+ Best Active Jobs that Pay well 6

Till more decades to come, as long as human being exists, been a pharmacist will always stand to its toes by being a profitable job.


The reason is because they are here to solve issues concerning health, they are one of the reason medical doctor work in the hospital because you have to work on side by side with the drugs and other necessary medical material to make a humans feel good again.

These drugs are produced by the pharmacist.

This occupation rely on human existence because human are the “whom to produce to” in the market, since human still exist, it as a good reason to remain one of the profitable jobs that pay.

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Everyone wants to explore…

Movement has been a means of catching fun, especially most movement that has to do with exploring internationally.

You wish to explore to the other side of the world or states, this is the reason the pilot has been trained on this. It worth training and understanding to learn how flying an aircraft work.

The reason it has been a job that pay well and it will still be is because of the anxiety of human to explore, everyone including the rich and poor want to travel to countries of their choice.

You can go practicalize it by going to the airport; you will see huge entry and exit, so what do we say to the pilots who fly the plane?

Poor you?

No, they get paid per trip. So we don’t have to ignore pilot while basing on jobs that pay well.

They should be included in the hierarchy of highly lucrative jobs that pay well because it part of the nature of human to explore and moreover transportation by air is for the rich ones.

20+ Best Active Jobs that Pay well 7

Medical doctor

It not new they are those soft hearted ones who pity humanity, I mean the health of human being, they work in the hospital to ensure that the world health condition is balanced. Being a medical doctor has everything to do with the human life, maybe that is one of the reason it hold a post while ranking jobs that pay well.

Belonging to a medical field requires hard work and dedication, lest I forget, you also need a huge percentage of passion, I lot of people are been seduce to the medical line, so bad! Medical job is one of the highly paying job in the world, but how do you scale through the challenges on the way?

The act of studying and also paying attention to the practical aspect of it will taking you far as a medical doctor.

Banking jobs

I have always love to be one of them one time ago, people who are into are the one that handle money, they handle with by making sure it yield, it is secure and also circulate to everyone.

This are one of those that are in the international market, they are train economist, managers accountant, business administrator, bankers who ensure everything works well while handling money in the business world.

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Civil engineer

They are the one in respect to construction of structures; just name them, bridges, houses, companies, hospital and so on.

They get contract as according to the task, this is a kind of job that has to do with contract, maybe personal or company. So the more your contract, the more your money.

Because it relies on contract, civil engineer revenue varies. No dispute about been one of the highly lucrative jobs that pay well, but it depend how funded your contract are and how many contract you get on a monthly bases.

A well-nourished contract can yield a civil engineer a profit ranging from $100000- $900000 depending on how well it went.

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Mechanical engineer

These are set of genius making work easier by inventing machines which will have saved time, energy and money.

Most engineering occupation are making sense in term of the financial return, but mechanical has stood to its toes among others, it is one of those jobs you will want to choose as a life time career because it is a profession that pay well.

Their works include building machine which help better that human effort, everyone will want something less strenuous, that is why mechanical engineers are been patronized and hereby yielding profit.

It is all about innovation to change the globe…

20+ Best Active Jobs that Pay well 8

Digital marketer

Being a digital marketer is a self-employed and important scope in which all entrepreneurs will like to portray.

Digital marketing is a branch of marketing in which business and brand are been promoted on the digital world, in other words, it is the act of using the social media to market and promotes ones business.

The interesting thing about this is that no one knows the certain revenue you can come up with as a digital marketer, because you have never got a limited to your incoming profit, yea it a pronounced job that pay well.

The better you become as a digital marketer the higher you grow and the more money coming in, so you have to make yourself expose to those useful information that will build you ahead of success.

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They are in charge of discovering more about the space, they geographer who make sure human are safe on earth by giving the mass information on the necessary things they need.

It is fully supported and finance by the government of the nation of a planet, so it a prove that it is one of the highly lucrative jobs that pay well


Not everyone know the fortune of this course, well we are glad to inform you that archaeology is one of the most lucrative jobs that pay.

What is archaeology?
It is cool you have not heard of this occupation before, but better if you are familiar with the term archaeology.

Archaeology is a field that deals with the way to unveil what the past looked like, ohh! maybe you want to go back to the 14th century, the archaeologist are specialized in that.

It is a kind of lucrative occupation because it deals with revealing all about the human past, most people are anxious to know their past especially those in the civilized country.

So government endorsed it making it to the tip of those jobs that pay well than imagination.

Event planner

It is certain occasion of celebration comes up daily, this is a big cake for the event planner.

This are those that are in charge of ensuring proper orderliness in the party, you hire good even planner to make your party a wonderful one.

Most people love to party, even you don’t love party, the menu aspect will call you for lunch. This is the reason for the event planner.

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Professional athlete

Like the football, basketball players and the rest.

They are one of those jobs that have huge salary in return. In this case some even get paid on weekly bases just to entertain people.

It is a cool job to go for if you have got the talent and the body fitness.

Computer scientist

This are the internet guru, they make use of the internet as their office, lot of skills and intellect to carry the occupation along.

They work in several angle, they can work in a bank, school, several companies because of their versatility.

Of this aforementioned, you should be able to sense how profitable the occupation is.

Of course one of those lucrative jobs in this modern time

20+ Best Active Jobs that Pay well 9

Just like the medical doctor, the also help to ensure human health is in a balanced condition, they deal with the human health excluding the delicate aspect like the surgical part of the work.

This job is tagged lucrative because, human being health is very paramount, we need the nurse always.


This are experts in the business field, they are business man who can tell the risk of a business, they also bear the risk.

Let call them sole proprietor then, or rather chief executive officers.

They work day and night analyzing the world market performance, no one can be precise how much they earn because they have no limit at all.

Chemical engineer

Chemical are very important in most industrial preparation of materials, even the pharmacist needs to make use of chemical to finalize the raw product to form a finish one.

Even companies that deal with food technology need chemical for production, several things chemical engineer will be called for and making them useful in the market.

Are you looking for a job that pays well? Maybe you should read more on chemical engineering. Prodigy workers recommend that.

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One of those active jobs that pay till date, architecture is all about the structural designing of a building.

They are called architect, these are those who pre-exist the structure of a building, they plan the layout before construction takes place.

It takes the sense of creativity to become and architect, a lot creativity in you will do so as to place you in an authoritative position in the occupation.

This is one of the contract based job, so the more your contract, the more your money.

Land Surveyor

Another money machine profession, they deal on a more technical level than the architect, here the architect design building but the land surveyor work on a large mass area.

They are in charge of demarcation of government roads, boundary and some important portion on a town map, using some mathematics and instrument such as the theodolite and the likes.

One amazing job that pays well without any limitation to what you can achieve in life…

20+ Best Active Jobs that Pay well 10

Marine engineer

Marine engineer are those engineer who are found working under the water, they work to detect some useful things under the water. They are also in charge of the petroleum detect in the ocean or sea.

Most of them are expert swimmers who live in the water for several days in other to carry out their activities in the water.

This is one of the highly profitable jobs that pay well and this is the reason you should explore more about the occupation.


Although these occupation are active jobs that pay well wherever you find yourself in the world, but prodigy workers are not going to entice you to it because of money.

True they are several jobs that pay well, but work and choose your career base on your passion and your capability.

we are not please to inform you that “you might fail if passion do not drive your career”, don’t just go after these lucrative jobs that pay, but make sure your passion guide them.

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