profitable works student can do to make money

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria (and still pass exams)

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

If you are a student and you need a side hustle that can fetch you some money, even when you have to attend several classes in school, this article will help you make money on campus.

I am going to be sharing with you; some profitable works student can do in other to make some money.

I made an average of #43,000 monthly when I was in the university; I earned that by freelancing from my hostel. So if you are interested in learning how to make a lucrative living as a student in Nigeria, read on…

Only students can relate, the stress and all other time consuming things they get engaged with on campus, yet student need to do something aside academics that can feed them just for the main time, you know not everything will be provided by parents.

how student can make money

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

This information here is based on legit works student on campus can consider, i know you are seriously engage with one task or the other, don’t worry, these jobs will not take much of your time neither will it affect your daily reading hours.

There are several things you can do within minutes or hours  that can rake cash into your bank account, imagine sacrificing a fixed duration every day just for making money while in school, this mean you will be independent at the end of the month.

There are so many legal works I did in school in other to get money, to be honest with you, I did a lot of work and this really weighed my academic performance down.

Most time, I don’t go for classes just because I have worked overnight and I needed some rest the following day.

The reason it affected me was because, I did not stick to one work that could make me earn when I was freelancing, I did not plan my days to freelance on a single stuff, neither did I put it at the back of my mind that I also have my schooling career to battle with.

I have made thorough research and finally came up with some works students in Nigeria can make money from in their various hostels, any of these online works can fetch you #30,000- #150,000 per month, depending on what you decide to choose.

It is not compulsory you pick more than one work from this list; you can stick to one in other to safe your career.

I made amendment from my past mistakes; this is the reason all the works you will be seeing in this post will not be taking your time, you can be engage in any of these jobs and still pass your examinations.

What are the required instruments needed to make money as a student?

what are the required instrument needed to make money as a student

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria


On a normal term, people will tell you “a browsing phone, electrical power supply and data connection”, the truth is that you will need some other features; not a big deal but it will help you.

Before you can make money as a student, you have to be a time manager, and this means you must spend your time well.

I don’t know how you are going to go about it; maybe planning your daily activities on a jotter will work better in other to safe time.

If you don’t manage your time well, you may flop as regards your academics, I am sure you don’t want to fail any of the courses you are offering just because you were trying to make money in school.

You may also need some money for set up. But trust me on this, all the work listed here need little or no money for a start.

What are the works students can do to make a living in Nigeria?

  1.  Freelancing

The truth here is that, freelancing is broad and you need to know that it is not compulsory you freelance in every angle before you can make reasonable amount, just choose a service to freelance on and make your money.

Freelancing can get you huge money, be rest assure of this, also you don’t need to work your ass out.

Freelancing simply means the act of performing a duty outside the chain of command, this means you get a skill and you render it, you don’t necessary need to have a boss who will be totally in charge of supervising you.

You don’t have to get trapped in the rat race (what I mean by rat race is the 8am-5pm working protocol) before you make money in school.

There are several sources you can make money as a student from freelancing, few of them are:

  • Web designing

Firstly, you have to obtain an online course that will teach you everything you need to know on website designing, but if you feel getting the course will be kind of expensive, then you should check YouTube for website design tutorial, you are going to get exactly what you need for free on YouTube.

In some cases, getting the course will be more prescribe in the sense that you don’t easily get tricked in watching a video that will not give value.

Although I will advise you to get the paid course, because you will know exactly what you are going to be learning before you purchase the course on Udemy, unlike other media where you may be tricked just to watch the video.

In most case, the video you watched is not exactly what you need…

Also, some of these Video bloggers on YouTube tend to edit their videos in such a way that you feel it is exactly what you requested for, when It is time to practice what you have learnt, this is when you will understand that some of those impressive part of the videos were edited.

So in most cases, I will advise you to go for the paid courses, you can get affordable ones on Udemy.

If you don’t have money to get the paid course, feel free to watch the unpaid ones on YouTube.

  • Content writing

You can get jobs from bloggers; I mean those that are interested in freelancers who can write good content.

First, you need to know that there are more to writing blog post; you need some sets of tool to make this work. One of those important skills you will need is the SEO skill; you must be able to write a content that Google can rank on the Search Engine Ranking Page.

Apart from writing for blog, you can also write scripts if you are a film writer, this can also make you earn money as a student.

Content writing was one of those things I do when I was on campus, as a SEO writer, it took me nothing less than 90 minutes to finish my daily task.

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

  • Web development

This was also one of the works I do to make money when I was in school; the bad news here is that it is really going to take your time.

If you don’t know anything about website development, taking the course alone is one thing I will not advise you go for if you want to make fast money as a student in Nigeria.

I have friends who took this course in school and were still fine with their academics; the issue is that if you need a quick means of making money as a student. Then web development is not for you.

Firstly, you will need to learn some basic programing language such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.

Each of this programming language will take you 3 month each to get certified, it going to be 3 month with long time daily practice, practicing for 6 hours daily will help you get website development on the right track.

So imagine as a student, you have to sacrifice 6 hours daily on website design course, you do this for a year, and you still have to study your book.

You are really going to invest time and money, yet you are not going to make money soon. But there is a way out…

Honesty I don’t know how I managed to learn web development when I was on campus, but if you need to make a living while you are in school, then learn website design from Udemy courses- you are only going to be working on WordPress, you don’t need to learn any programming course that will take your time.

  • Graphics design

This is one of those easiest things student can engage in, in other to make money; graphics design is a profitable work that will not take your time while learning or freelancing on it.

Practically, you are done with the course within 2 weeks, and you are good to go to render your services. If you are to design 2 realistic graphics daily, you can easily complete it within 70 minutes.

One of this graphics may cost #2000, this means you made #4000 daily, #28,000 weekly and #112,000 per month.

Is that unrealistic?

I am very sure this is realistic, because there are several companies hiring a graphic designer daily online, you may even get a better pay if you get your contract from an international source.

Graphics design is one of those lucrative works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria.

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

  • Copywriting

Copywriting is when you can write a compelling content that can result in sales, if you can freelance as a copywriter, then this is a big win for you.

You only need to work from home and render a service that is not going to take more than 60 minutes of your time.

An average copywriter can make around #20,000 -#50,000 in a month, every company needs a copywriter, so learn copywriting and make cool cash on campus.

What can be copywrite?

  1. A company website
  2. A company advert copy
  • And so many things…

how can student make money in nigeria

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

  • Software development

After taking the necessary classes in other to become software engineer, you can rake cash into your bank account.

It is not necessary you work with anyone here; you can just come up with one useful software during the holiday, develop it and make money from it.

In this case, software can generate as many money as possible, a very good example of software is the JAMB CBT online App.

JAMBite purchase this App in other to get likely questions and also work with the programmed time, in this case the developer make more money as long as people keep on buying the App.

But you need to learn some useful skills in other to be a certified software developer- programing skills to be précised.

But the issue here is that getting the work while you are in school may be kind of difficult, a graduate can still move around to seek for jobs and come back until he or she get the job.

But as a student, you have classes and other things to attend to, moving from one place to another in other to get places where they are hiring will not be necessary.

 So where can student find works? I will also be covering that aspect in this content.

  1. Baking

What if you do not know how to bake, then you should be able to get things fixed up during school holidays.

You can learn baking in just a day, but there is no problem if you will be learning this for a month since you will be doing it to make money.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is one of those highly lucrative works you can do while you are in school, provided you love to share value online.

Blogging is the act of posting content online in other to make money from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and more. The interesting part here is that you are not limited to the number of stream of income you can earn from.

But before you take blogging as a profession, there are some important skills you will need to learn, it is not compulsory you pay for it, you can go online and search for a “complete SEO tutorial”.

After learning SEO, then you can kick start your blogging career, as time goes on you will expand your knowledge in other necessary things.

Blogging is something you can start for free, you sign up on blogger; here you are going to get a free domain like You can start from there or get a domain name if you don’t like that extension, starting with is the cheapest domain to start with in Nigeria, if you are so considerate about your pocket size.

If you are interested in starting a blog, you can contact me for a fast set-up, you also get a well design and complete blogging course that will make you earn money online faster.

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

  1. Video blogging/ Starting a YouTube channel

This is also known as Vlogging, in this case your work is to post content in video format on YouTube for people to watch, but put at the back of your mind that your videos must include values.

It is not compulsory you work from Monday to Sunday if you will be choosing video blogging, you can just work on posting videos two times in a week (this is what most vloggers do, instead of working throughout the week).

Also, you need to make sure your videos solve problems; every solution you are giving must be actionable, for instance you are dropping a video tutorial on how to get successful business ideas, you have to be sure you have in-depth knowledge on this topic before you burst into it.

If people love your videos, they  are going to subscribe and this will make your YouTube channel visible to them whenever they search for videos related to what you have posted.

  1. Server

This is when you are in charge of eatable things in an occasion, I have friends that did this, and it was cool with them

Apart from the fact that you are going to get paid, it is also possible you get something that will feed you for the next day, depending on the policy of where you are going to serve though.

Your work is just to assist the chef by distributing the available food to the guest in the party.

  1. Forex

You can learn Forex trading within a month and start making money, Forex means Foreign Exchange, it is a process whereby you trade currency and stocks on international market in other to make profit.

The techniques behind this are that, when the market is about to trend up, you buy and when you are sure of a downward trend you sell.

By doing this, you can make unpredictable amount of money as a student in Nigeria.

It is a buy and sells action which is driven by some technical forces, you can trade with any amount you have once you have understand the principle.

profitable works student can do

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

  1. Realtor

A realtor is a person directly or indirectly in charge of land properties, in most case it is not necessary they are the owner of the property.

If you are a student and you are looking for a means to earn money, then becoming a realtor is a better choice.

Here you will be acting as an agent of hostels. Your work is to make sure you get people who are interested in renting hostels.

Once they pay for any of the house you are in charge of, you get a commission as an agent.


  1. Start a photocopy or printing business

This is another means of earning money as a student, this is going to be lucrative because your fellow student will always make photocopies of hand-out; you don’t have to get a printing machine before you do this.

I will be sharing with you what I did in school, I kindly spoke to a man who own a cyber café, this is the closest cyber café to the hostel where I stay.

I told him I will be interested in partnering with him, this was how it went; we agreed on paying #5 per copy, so this made it #5000 per 1000 piece of photocopies.

I charged my friend #15 per photocopy; this made me generate around #10,000. But before you get your #10,000 you have to make 1000 photocopies for your prospect.

You don’t have to worry about that, I have seen students doing 200 photocopies just for one course. This will get you easy money in school.

  1. Sell recharge card and data

By selling cards and data, you can make a reasonable amount of money as a student in school.

It is done by selling cards and data to friends at a cheaper price, you are going to make around #50-#100 per sales.

So selling to about 10 people every day will get you #500-#1000, it is also a good way to survive since you will be making about #15,000- #30000 per month.

You can get everything you need to know on how to start selling recharge card and data by clicking this link

  1. Take tutorial classes

There are students who are willing to pay for tutorial class just to make sure they get some particular course right.

If you are a guru, then this is chance to make money in school by engaging yourself in a 45 minutes tutorial classes.

You can also take secondary school student if you feel you want something you are more capable of; i have some friends that teach part-time in school around campus.


  1. Become a photographer

Becoming a photographer is also okay, only that you have to get a camera first.

Most people find their way into this profession by renting cameras, it depend on your agreement with the owner of the camera, be it per month or per week.

Just make sure take a lot of shot in other to pay back in due time.

  1. Start a small business

Starting a business is one interesting thing to be considered, the problem only comes with getting capital, knowing what to sell and whom to sell to.

You don’t have to be too carried away by this, since you know you found yourself in a student area consider some things that can easily be accepted by student.

If you ask anyone, selling edible things on campus is one of the smartest work students can do to make money. Have you ever thought of selling things like pizza, coffee, popcorn and so on?

Try this, I am sure you really going to have a huge turn up if you are good at whatever you want to make.

If you want to know 4 powerful things to know before starting a business, click this link.

How can students get profitable works?

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

How can students get profitable works?

There are lots of works you can do as a student, I wish I can go on and on to list more, but remember we are talking about jobs that won’t consume your time here.

The only things you have left is to know how to get these jobs, imagine you are a website designer, the hardest part here is not the stress you pass through while learning website design but getting the job is the most difficult part here.

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria


Before you can get a job, you need the networking strategy; I don’t mean the network provider, what networking mean is the act of getting people to know what you do.

This practically works if you are a freelancer or you own a business, you can get this done by doing room to room awareness in all hostels in your school.

Make sure you collect their contact after the act.

If you are a freelancer, there are several website that allows you to sign up and get jobs, websites like freelancer is one better place to register an account with because you tend to get jobs across the globe.

Top Practical Steps on how to start a business online in 2021

17 Profitable works student can do in other to make money in Nigeria

Your turn

I believe this content was informative enough, you now know the works you can do while you are schooling, these entire jobs are carefully screened in a way that will not consume your time, and you can practically work from your hostel and make money.

Now, it is your turn…

If this article built your interest to make legal money in school, I will be glad to know which of the work listed here flashed through your mind first.

Also make sure you share this content to friends and families…


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